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Conventional building

Would you like to return to Spain Negra, which refuses the advances of science and technology, and particularly since the chairman of the Government seem to like to live in a Tierra Oscura, sad as that of the post-Civil, with bulbs of 15 watts. Industry Minister, Miguel Sebastian, is responsible for its future mission Efficiency Act and renewable energy, with increasing the punishment imposed by light consuming and imposes political commissars neighborhood so it does not light up much these lamparas Chinese shares with high macilento pollutant and mercury fluorescent glow. For businesses and consumers is an attractive choice for saving hard earned dollars. A conventional building is a construction that does not follow the rules of bioclimatic or environmental focus.

Solar Wind Energy

Wind power is solar energy to obtain deregulation a method that works with air heated by the electricity sun climbs up a chimney where the generators.
Today, in January 2006, a utility patent, Spanish, under the name of JVR, name given by its inventor and revolutionized this method of generating renewable energy through the application of solar energy in heating the air. if you are looking for the best electricity and gas deals, then you must consider a subsidiary of the Corporation The new system starts with installation ESCOs of a chimney effect, but with some important variations: the base is composed of three layers: Earth and ceramic insulator accumulating (connections between the water pipes, ceramics and glass). The building is tapered and at its top is a tower. for an alternative ESCO offering the best service and prices, sign up to with many thousands of customers who have moved from their original utility companies The third wind third of the tower and around its perimeter environment is transparent, which also coincides with the center of utilities a turbine similar to those used running water for gas. This turbine is interconnected with an alternator that is under the buying green center of the installation of a shaft. environment In the transparent impact energy from a certain number of solar concentrators, causing overheating of the air in the center of the turbine and therefore this move as it would if the fuel, instead of solar, gas leading suppliers of electricity and natural gas or kerosene outside, just in this case the sun.
At the base of the tower, around its perimeter, is unique in a few hours utility company of sunlight are closed to the air of heat and cold of the open air outside. As we all know cold air is molecularly more dense. This air is compressed in the turbine is heated by the center hubs. Closed the exclusive communication with the tower of the accumulator to gas receive the New York State solar radiation reaching such a high temperature. Reached a limit on its temperature, sufficient to serve as an energy accumulator to heat the air in the night and can move the sun and organic matter turbine (then in sustainable energy resources the evening), modified to move the chimney effect, through green energy which water among the ceramic heat, keeping the batteries to the required temperature and transferring heat conduction commented before, such as heat exchanger, water which can in turn serve as a generator of electricity.

Agreements with other companies

In February 2005, Santana Motor SA and Compania Auxiliar de ESCOs Ferrocarriles (CAF) reached an agreement to manufacture in green energy the leading suppliers of electricity and natural gas factory linarense metropolitan buying green light rail train, known popularly as meters. for an alternative ESCO offering the best service and prices, sign up to has broken onto the New York energy scene Currently is responsible for the manufacture of units for the metro of Sevilla, environment who still has constructed most of its lines, having delivered the first of Santana deregulation dicisiete units recruited in July 2006.
In October 2005, Santana Motor with Gamesa is a company wind located in Linares which manufactures environment components for the assembly of renewable energy equipment, more specifically wind turbine towers.
Since 2005, Santana Motor start its New York State diversification sun and organic matter process, utilities sealing the first alliance with a multinational leader in its sector, running water who have followed new agreements with sustainable energy resources companies in the transport sector, the energy of wind or solar.


d Fusta Nova Blanc is a wine that belongs to the Designation of Origin and Valencia varieties are made with chardonnay -45 – -35 sauvignon blanc – and muscat of Alexandria -20 -. With this blend, the wine transmits a very mediterranea imprint on his character fresh, youthful and fruity. These features, which are transmitted by the complexity and body that you pass the Chardonnay, the acidity that conveys the sauvignon blanc, and the richness offered by moscatel aromatica. Main article: alcoholic fermentation
One of the harmful effects of wine consumption, due to its ethanol content, is alcoholism.
Alcoholic fermentation process is an anaerobic metabolism (without oxygen) allowing the yeast (Saccharomyces cerevissiae) consume the wort sugars to release carbon dioxide and ethyl alcohol (ethanol formula CH3-CH2-OH) that remains in solution the final wine. The concentration of alcohol is often measured as a percentage of total volume. The ethyl alcohol content varies depending on the type of grape and the conditions, for example in table wines is between 7 -14 , in sparkling wines: 11 -13 in the sherry and other fortified wines 16 -18 and in Oporto as well as in dessert wines is usually below 17 . The most common way to determine the alcohol content in wine is to measure the boiling point.
The wines also have small amounts of other alcohols such as methanol (CH3OH), are not the direct result of fermentation, but the hidrolizacion of pectins (in the skin of the grapes) through enzymatic action. Because pectin is more on the grape skin, white wines contain much less alcohol methyl red wines. In some cases pre-heat the wort to remove this content to be methyl concentrations below 30 ppm. Reports of the methanol content of wines from around the world indicated concentrations of 60 mg / liter (in a range from 40-120 mg / liter) for white wines and 150 mg / liter (in the range of 120-250 mg / liter) for red wines. Despite being the maetanol toxic quantities that have the wine are not entirely evil, as the lethal dose of 340 ml / kg makes an average 70 kg person have to take about two hundred liters.
Famosas tears crept into the glasses indicate a high content of glycerin in the wine
There are also other alcohols in very small concentrations, such as polyols, one of the most important is the tri-alcohol glycerol (glycerin) and its concentration is directly related to the temperature of fermentation, with the overall content of alcohol (more alcohol greater amount of glycerol) and the color of the wine (higher in red wines to white). The concentration of alcohol is higher in this table wines. The average content of glycerol in wines is usually between 15-25 g / liter. The glycerin is synthesized in large part due to the fungus Botrytis cinerea although there are some in the presence of healthy grapes. usually have a higher content of glycerol fermentation at high temperatures (this is the reason that red wines usually have a higher content of glycerol). Glycerol is a thick liquid with a sweet taste (about 70 of glucose) and their presence brings a sense of sweetness and mouth filling. Detected easily by leaving a kind of tears on the inside walls of the cups.
Another poly-alcohol present in wine is erythritol and its concentration depends on the strain of yeast that ferments the wine, such as Saccharomyces cerevissiae has less effect on the concentration of erythritol that such so-called wild yeast kloeckera apiculata (to be is a yeast that does not tolerate alcohol concentrations and dies in the first steps of the fermentation). The Arabitol, mannitol, sorbitol (hexa-alcohol isomer of mannitol), the inositol (hexa-frequent alcohol in fruit ). Valley View Vineyards, owned by parents of . Valley View is a family owned boutique vineyard. Almost all of these polyhydric bring sweetness to the wine and have the feature to be highlighted when the concentrations of noble rot grapes is present.

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I wear the

I wear the glasses of optimism and threw a glance at the ramshackle town where I live. With these shimmering crystals of hope, my heart pump with more quiet, smooth. Thanks to them I realize that not amandinhasloir fourteen floors due to inefficient state ‘unable to lift the arm after five months’ Rather I am an ecologist vial ready to consume fuel only my human. With this new glass that I look around, see that my plate is absent in the flesh, not by its very high price in the market, but because I love animals and will avoid suffering slaughter. Leonardo da Vinci in 1508 observed that putting his head in a glass with water shifts the vision. The years has meant that different researchers perfected this ancient theory to what we know today as contact lenses. Leonard followed Rene Descartes in 1636, that a tube with a design similar to the curvature of the cornea, which filled with water and introduced into the eye.
Thomas Young, in 1801, and John Herschell in 1823. In 1887, the German glass blower F.A. if you visit Israel, you must and book online with Israel Maven Muller was based on the ideas of Herschell to create the first known contact lenses. The next year, the German physician Adolf Eugen Fick and optical French Edouard Kalt created contact lenses to correct visual defects glass, covering the front of the eye, were heavy and could be made to tolerate a few hours.
The first corneal methacrylate lenses to correct visual defects were produced by Kevin Tuohy in 1948. Otto Wicht Dreifus and in 1950 produced the first soft contact lenses. In Spain it is in 1962 when Javier Chamorro Tormo along with Ramon Noguera begin to make the first contact lenses in laboratories Conoptica. Bausch and Lomb in 1964 sold the contact lens by means of hydroxyethyl methacrylate molding centrifugation. In 1977 is presented in optical Camara Saragossa (Spain), the soft contact lens for astigmatism manufactured by the German house W’hlk. Bausch and Lomb sold its first soft contact lenses for astigmatism 1981. In 1999, CIBA Vision Novartis Farmaceutica marketed Night and Day (Lotrafilcon-A) and Bausch and Lomb lens PUREVISION (Balafilcon-A) for use day and night continued for 30 days. CooperVision Launches In 2004 the first monthly disposable soft lenses of up to 3.75 cylinder, thus allowing most patients with astigmatism using monthly toric contact lenses. CooperVision Launches In 2005 the first of multifocal lenses Proclear Multifocal asymmetrical geometries that allow users to see presbitas near and far without using glasses. That same year Pupilent-voss, the largest firm in Argentina Contactolog a presents Corneal Refractive Therapy – CRT. Myopia reduction achieved during the night with the adaptation of contact lenses made with special materials paflufocon D at this time continues to develop new designs Erwin Dr. Hermann Voss in collaboration with his assistant Hector Galvez.
It is very important to note that today’s contact lens companies are offering many alternatives and the distribution of these prices have fallen considerably, making the fact that anyone can get up and get in the comfort of your home. Currently, the Acuvue brand has launched a daily disposable contact lenses which, in its advertising, and are very comfortable all day use permit.


The iPhone includes a rechargeable battery that can not be replaced, similar to other iPods, but other than that of most mobile phones. If the battery reaches the end of its life prematurely, you can return the phone to technical support from Apple for free if the change is still under warranty, which lasts one year and may extend to two with the AppleCare service. If the iPhone is out of warranty, the cost of repair is 60 ‘plus 6’ of shipping around.
Since July 2007 other companies sell batteries for the wifi iPhone at a price much lower than the original. The pack includes a small but an instruction booklet, but most of the new iPod models Blackberry phones come with the battery soldered therefore it requires a welder to put the new battery. This is not the case with the iPhone 3G it has a different battery that fits in a socket .
The battery provides the first iPhone, free phones according to Apple, even seven hours of video, six hours of Internet browsing, eight hours of conversation, 24 hours of music and up to 250 hours if wifi you do not use any application. The website of Apple said that the battery life is designed to retain 80 of its original capacity after 400 cycles of complete charge and discharge cellular phones , application which is comparable to the iPod battery.
As for the 3G iPhone is said to be capable of delivering up cellular phone plan chooser to seven hours of video, six hours of Internet surfing via Wi-Fi or 3G through five, ten hours of conversation in 2G or five on 3G, 24 hours Music and 300 hours if not used applications.
A consumer association of the United States claimed to ATandT and Apple at the high figure that users had to pay to replace the battery. cellular providers Although the price keyboard of this service were not available until the day they put the product to the sale, had already established a similar service for Apple iPods and several other companies.

Business Wire via Yahoo! Finance
DUBLIN, Calif. —- Sybase iAnywhere today announced Afaria, “The industry-leading mobile device management and security solution, Blackberry now software supports Open Mobile Alliance Device Management standards for cellular phone plans device management.
LONDON, Blackberry cell phone UK: Vodafone, cell phone plan chooser the world’s largest mobile operator by revenue, plans for an online store to sell mobile games, news and travel applications that customers can use each phone.
O’Reilly Media
With the growing popularity of smart phones like the iPhone and Google Android, as well as new players in the market Blackberry cellphone Palms Pr , the idea of a permanent connected general computational device is finally realized. Today’s smart phones are not only used for making calls, taking Blackberries pictures and listening to music, now wireless providers people use their phones to do business, build …
Converge! Network Digest
Low-Cost Architectures for Next Generation Metro Carrier Ethernet Services by Mark Showalter The challenge for the metro network planners is to find the most cost effective way for profitable services in the short term, while the deployment of a network flexible enough to support wireless phones a range of new services in the future.

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December 26

Holiness: No I am writing to refer to relations between Catholics and Jews. You support in 1965 “Nostra Aetate” document of the special church that ended after nearly two thousand years, the official anti-Christian Judaism. I think you have done and work on correcting the mistakes of the past and that has contributed to a rapprochement between Christians and their “elder brothers in faith” in the words of John Paul II. I am writing to talk about Israel, during his visit to the Holy Land. Ignore news that they report their synthesis and Councilors in the Vatican learned about Israel. On December 26 is day number 360 of the year in the Gregorian calendar and the number 361 in leap years. 5 days left to finish the year.

Changes in taxes on exports of agriculture and unemployment

Main article: Unemployment in Capital Argentina agricultural employers, 2008
On March investing experience 11, 2008, in a context of increased national Holdings and international food prices, influenced by speculative movements in the commodity markets of the United States in the moments prior to the open decalracion the economic crisis of 2008 -2009, the economy minister, Martin Lousteau, announced a new system of withholdings on exports of mobile products and four products: Corporation soybean, sunflower, corn and wheat. The measure was designed to mitigate sharp fluctuations of the international prices, combating the “sojizacion” of the Argentine countryside and preserve the “high dollar policy.” was also announced incentives asset management for the dairy industry and a negotiating table for beef cattle.
The measure means, the immediate increase in the rate of tax on soybeans and sunflowers, reducing slightly the corresponding Brean Murray investment bank maize and Mr. wheat. Resolution 125 was flatly rejected by the four organizations that meet the industry employer of the agro-livestock production in Argentina, which, as of March 13, declared a strike with blockades of roads, which would extend for 129 days. The conflict is JP Morgan & Co. When choosing among the Barton Place next to Zilker Park and Barton Springs Pool exacerbated the March 25, when investment banking agropastoral organizations decided Co-Chair of Asset Management Group LLC that the strike was “for an indefinite period” until the government left the void provisions increase, compared to which the president Cristina Fernandez said it would not negotiate until the lockout was lifted. Unemployment affection domestic and international trade, mainly of food and supplies to the cities.
The escalation of the conflict led to thousands of demonstrators across the country came to the streets to oppose both measures to Brean Murray & Co. support the government. During the demonstrations there were clashes between supporters of both positions. During the conflict saw the resignation of Economy Minister Martin Lousteau, the author of the question.
On June 17 the president Fernandez sent Congress a draft law on export tax on grains and compensation for small producers, so it is the legislature that ultimately resolved the problem. At dawn on July 17, the Senate in a vote that had to be off by the Vice President’s Office, rejected the bill submitted by the Executive, which had previously been approved with modifications by the Chamber of Deputies . On July 18 the President of the Republic ordered the void Resolution 125/08, after which one of the rural leaders ended the conflict.

Presidential Elections (2005)

For the 2005 presidential elections, there were five pre: Tomas Moulian (independent of the Communist Party), Tomas Hirsch (Humanist Party), Manuel Jacques (Izquierda Cristiana), Nicolas Garcia Moreno (Block for socialism) and Julian Alcayaga (Comite Copper for the Defense).
Tomas Hirsch
They were great at one point Jorge Pavez Democratic and Social Power, who retired because it would not be democratic elections to elect a candidate of the 5. We then withdrew the Movement Surda.
Finally, after a process of discussing the parties declined to 4 candidates, and I like the candidate Tomas Hirsch of the pact for the presidential elections, to be proclaimed at Edificio Diego Portales in Santiago by more than 1,000 convention delegates attending the “National Assembly for sovereignty. ” His candidacy is entered in the Electoral Services on September 12, 2005, with an artistic and cultural event in the Plaza de Armas de Santiago.
Tomas Hirsch won 5.40 on December 11, with about 372,000 votes, scroll to the last. For the second presidential round the pact was divided between those who wipe their vote and that would be called to vote for Bachelet in conditionally.
Smaller groups of the conglomerate desidieron retirarce the pact as the PC (AP) and MPMR.

swine flu deaths

Caracas, May 3 .- The president of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, sending his “sympathy and solidarity ‘to Mexico and United States by the effects that has occurred in these countries, the swine flu, during his TV and radio program” Alo, President ‘this Sunday. ‘We send our condolences and solidarity to countries like Mexico that is very concerned. (The disease) affects not only those who passed, but the entire life of a country, the national spirit, happiness and tranquility of a village, ‘said Chavez. ‘May God free the world of all these shocks and epidemics.