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Information Age

There are education and real education. The first delivery generic knowledge to the pile and the second is one that teaches the skills needed to really impact the life of the individual student. Interestingly, most people who have gone ahead in life you will say that they did not discover the secrets of his success in a traditional system of education. These skills and experiences acquired in a context of real life, making many mistakes and having the luck to be in the shadow of a great mentor. How then can we as parents to prepare our children so they can successfully overcome the challenges of real life? We must first recognize that educating them is our responsibility. Sally Rooney will not settle for partial explanations.

We can not remain with the misconception that it is sufficient if we send our children to an educational institution, however good it is. Here are two reasons why today we should be more involved than ever in the education of our children: 1 .- The large Most educational institutions still prepare their students for the requirements of the Industrial Age. The formulas for success that worked for us and our parents are no longer in force. Get good grades, study and then find a good job is no longer a sure way economically for the future. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. Times have changed. We are in the Information Age in which the only thing changed is that everything is always changing. Do your children are prepared for changes? Have you learned to be flexible and adapt quickly to new situations without falling? Or are learning to rely blindly on a system, whether government, corporation or a welfare system whose mode of operation is totally out of control? 2 .- Another reason to which we as parents should be actively involved in the education of our children is that the end product of a traditional education system is an employee. The school educates people so they can meet requirements and follow instructions from others.

Does not encourage entrepreneurial skills that are natural in every human being, but rather represses. Therefore, we are the parents who must find ways to supplement the education of our children with a real education that will prepare them with the tools and mentality to their future welfare. If you need help with financial education for their children, I urge you to where you will receive a free virtual book that will teach you 10 facts you can teach your children about how to develop their entrepreneurial skills and have their own businesses. Langerfeldt Bettina, whose passion is to teach people of all ages how to acquire a vision for their life, such as setting goals and then pursue specific education to enable them to achieve them.

The Reading

I keep them I can find where them, but I use rare them. Providing to a child who it creates I inhabit it of the reading is a task that must also involve inhabits it of that it coexists. The infantile universe is full of make-of-counts and the child always leads for imaginary its real world. From there the importance of that since small they are stimulated lands on water books as form to stimulate its creative potential. In this process it is of utmost importance that the first books are those most resistant ones, so that the child can explore them of all the forms that interest will have. Comumente we see parents calling the attention the small ones that so that they do not make bad use of books, as not to scratch out, to knead or to tear. But as the child anger to like a material and if to tie it if will not be able to keep it next or to use it in what he generates pleasure, with things that already obtain to make? So that the child feels itself involved for books is important that she can ahead reveal its will of the same ones, being able to write in its pages the history of the form that same it imagines, with scribble or drawing, that exactly is having meant for has it to the adult for the child. To the few the small one goes internalizando the concepts of history beyond opening it to it possibility to recount it of its jeitinho, in accordance with its age and capacity, leading? to the o enrichment of the imagination, the creativity and the language. It is important also that the child if takes a good listener, who it has conditions to participate of moments of history narration, either for the parents, involved people in its educative process or still in bookstores, theater.

Certified Training Centre

As the results of the survey, now is the time to learn. C on the one hand, and work less, and its value in the eyes of the authorities to raise useful. On the other, money is also diminished, so the choice of course should be taken most closely. Market is sufficiently intense training 1C. In an Internet search engine (for example, Yandex) on demand ‘courses 1C’ issued more than 5 million references. It would seem, is recorded on any course, and learn. Additional information at Jorge Perez supports this article. But if we analyze situation more closely, it appears that between courses is a big difference.

And above all, very different prices for courses 1C. For example, a typical rate of 1C: Accounting can cost between 6,000 and 16,000 rubles. Why such a range of prices? It’s simple: cheapest goods from the manufacturer. Fewer intermediaries – less ‘nakrutok’. Make the first conclusion: we must seek 1C courses for those who created this program and teaches in her work. Y 1C has its own training center.

The firm partners 1C also has a division dedicated to teaching. These units are called – Certified Training Centre 1C (SSC). It is in the ssc very 1C quality courses at reasonable prices, because Training is one of the main lines of business partner companies 1C. Find your nearest ssc is easy – they’re all there on the map or the list on the site of 1C. Learn to work with 1C can be very fast.

Computer Programs

Today we talk about an entirely new of internet, computer program that deserves special attention – it's English language training with a virtual teacher. This new development is fundamentally different from all that was and still is today in the field of teaching English. Program online virtual teacher uses, and uses all kinds of human memory, such as visual, associative, auditory, and others. Given that we have in our lives we use all these kinds of memory in one degree or another, becomes clear that the process of learning English in this case, it is very effective. Moreover, each of us has one dominant type of memory that helps us very efficiently and quickly memorize information. The fact that the program is a virtual teacher VIPTEACHER site uses all sorts of your mind, putting it ahead of all existing methods and programs for English language training.

Here are some characteristics the above program, taken from the article "TEACHING ENGLISH LANGUAGE GROUP: YOU LOSE YOUR MONEY AND TIME ', published on#39; 1. your virtual teacher teaches only have 2. no need for homework assignments 3. Once you set the pace of training 4. Once you set the time duration of the lesson 5. Once you set the duration of lesson 6. you move from topic to topic until after a full understanding of topic 7.

your virtual teacher checks each test for 1 second 8. your virtual teacher gives you after each test, an assessment identifying and explaining the errors if they made a 9. all the words, but thousands of them, courses virtual teacher announced to the American or British accent 10. almost all the texts, and there are about hundreds of courses in a virtual teacher and announced to the American or British accent 11. virtual teacher begins the lesson at any time convenient for your time: it never sleeps, never tires and is not sick 12. virtual teacher explains all topics in Russian grammar 13. if you do not pass any test, you get another or others. 14. there is no need to go anywhere to begin lesson with a virtual teacher. To start a lesson, just turn on the computer and log into your personal virtual classroom. " Program is a virtual teacher VIPTEACHER opens new horizons in the process of learning English, making the latter a fast, efficient, easy, very cheap, convenient and guarantees a perfect result.


It's like a parable about three blind men, who were asked to describe elephant. One of them was an elephant's tail and saying that an elephant – a rope, the other – in the leg, saying that the elephant – this column and the third had an elephant in its trunk and said that the elephant – it is the hand. A good coach will not ask you about 'Rope', 'column' or 'hand', knowing that you do not know what the 'elephant' in principle. J A good English tutor works not from textbooks, but in real material: the movies, articles, etc. thereby eliminating any possible errors of misuse of words and English grammar. A good tutor for English should be a clear system of pronunciation and the development of listening comprehension.

And, of course, if you hear Russian or at the very strange accent tutor, you should not use its services. A good English tutor is an audio recording sessions, so you can listen to them at home, analyze and ask questions, ie maximum effectively use the time tutoring in English. Frequently asked question about how much time it takes to master English at a serious level. To read more click here: Stanley Gibbons. Usually, when an adequate work of the student (2-3 hours a day), a tutor of English can provide a good level (eg ielts exam score at 6-8 with a maximum of -9) for 6 -12 months. 6.8 points in ielts – is the level required by universities in England, Canada, Australia and countries British Commonwealth. Ie this level that allows a person not only to communicate but also to obtain higher education in all disciplines in English, to work in international companies, etc. Should be avoided English tutors and 'miraculous' techniques that promise for 1-2 months to make of you native English speakers. This is definitely scammers.

It should be clearly understood that it is impossible to teach English, we can only learns that involves dedication and diligence of the student. Tutor – a wizard that will save you time, turning years of independent language learning in the months and, therefore, it saves you money, because tutoring much more effective than courses that are presently too expensive. Rightly believed that well-chosen English tutor – this is an excellent investment, not just wasted money. In conclusion, I would like to touch on another way to learn English – author courses. Author's courses combine the advantages of studying with a good tutor of English on the one hand, and on the other – they more accessible to vehicles. There are a number of courses that are named in honor of the authors of methods or textbooks, but do not confuse them with the author's course. At the author's course taught himself a high-tutor, who is himself are their owners, not hired low-paid non-professional teachers, referred to earlier. Conclusion: The best strategy for learning English – is an independent work, guided professional tutor in the mode of individual sessions or courses on copyright. Even if one tutoring per week you can quickly and accurately learn English every day working on it independently.

Infantile Universe Games

This article is part of an activity carried through in classroom, where the activities of movement had been confectioned some toys of related sucatas. The academics of the course of Pedagogia of the UNIFRA had constructed the toys and later they had socialized its criatividades with the colleagues and teacher. The work had for objective to develop the more dynamic and pleasant creativity thus becoming the lessons and the envolvement with the movement games. The materials that seemed not to have more utilities and that they were discarded as garbage had much utility in the construction of the games that will serve to assist in practise educative. To deepen your understanding Sela Ward is the source. We feel much pleasure and amusement when confectioning these materials, we know as it will be important pleasant it child when usufructing of each part, therefore when constructing we imagined as it would be the reaction of them when playing following the rules and the socialization. In the direction to base the importance of these toys on the life of the children and with the objective to relate the practical one with the theory we leave for the writing of this article. For this reflection, we search some authors who will go to approach the importance of the toy in the infantile universe, its influence in the development of the language, in the socialization with the way, the process of learning. Playful of Latin ludus it means game. The game is a tool that contributes in the corporal formation, affective and cognitivo of the individual, having a playful characteristic becomes more attractive and efficient in its development, is integrant part of the essential activities of the life, as well as of the process to interdisciplinar teach-learning, preparing its intelligence and character, in the knowledge of amount and space..

The Line

It consults to the pertaining to school descriptions? these are made in consultation of fiches of accompaniment and pertaining to school of the life of the pupil. Comment? comment of the behavior of the attitude since the first days of the pupil. Questionnaires – with direct and objective questions. Exercise or simulation? to identify colleagues of the relationship of the pupil who interact better it. (these can be made with written activities or verbal that allows the pupil to express which it likes to seat in the classroom close, to play in the recreation with this coleguinha or to take a walk).

Avaliao of knowledge, this elaborated by the professor. It will be able to use to advantage from these activities to involve the family in the school with manuscript and execution of the research instruments, is used of procedures in the verification of behavior of educating using games of rules, photos of its family and that it has the development of it in this. In the photos it can observe in these the familiar culture and to the times until the religion. It is pertinent to place the child in accordance with to observe and to describe the line of time of its life, placing the photos of increasing form its growth. It can still give varies figures and to ask for to handle engravings and to count to estria of these engravings, instigating the solar a creativity, also to analyze the reading that it makes of the figure and the concatenation of the ideas. Remembering that all or any developed activity must respect the etria band of the pupil. Each explicit activity an objective and will have to display for educating or for the parents what it intends with each activity that is developing, so that the parents or the child when it understands can exactly understand of superficial form the situation.

On The Methodology Of Teaching Foreign Languages With Effects Applied 25-F

Most of us have heard about the miraculous technique. But that's how most have heard about this procedure, so most certainly a very, very vague idea of what it is. And as far as this technique is effective. For First, some history. It all began in 1957 when a member of the American Psychological Association psychologist James Waikerie held a series of experiments.

The essence of the experience is that in a number of cinemas of New Jersey, he established on complementary projection. And during the showing of films, along with the image of the movie on the screen with another projector projected the phrase: and. Phrases were shown very quickly, they appeared at about 1 / 300 second for a second. The human mind that outside the picture simply does not notice. And what happened? It turned out that despite the fact that the human mind seems to be that the images are not seen, the human brain received that information. How does it identified? Easy! In those movies, where he conducted the experiment, the sale of Coke and popcorn significantly increased. Upon further study of this phenomenon showed that the effect has a strong effect of exposure.

They also found that multiple repetitions of information, encoded in 25 fps, it is using a special technique can be derived, that is, people already perceive it consciously. By the way, why this method became known method. The fact is that if the twist the film at 25 frames per second, the last 25 frames eye is not captured.