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Poetical Suatrajetria tried cantorias and its challenges, the twine and improvising suadico, the inicitica alfabetizao and the readings of classics dapoesia universal (Cames and Olavo Bilac). The practical one of the reading became it a self-taught person, however it only was interested for books of histories and common knowledges, but it read ques to guarantee them the knowledge on which it would work in depoesia form. Patativaapesar to have frequented the school for few months, possua a habilidadeinquestionvel in the letters and the forms to interpret world through seusversos. A genius of the memory and orality is owner of a vast production culturalque would reach the radio and if he would spread out midiaticamente until reaching mltiplaspercepes and undoing the border tenuous between what ‘ is considered; ‘ popular eerudito’ ‘ , ‘ ‘ regional and universal’ ‘.

Conscientious Patativa of its dom and its value as poet, and it affirms categoricamenteisso when it says: ‘ ‘ poet who has creativity as the Patativa has, is poucosviu? ‘ ‘ ‘ ‘ He is raro’ ‘. (Feitosa, 2003:38). Oque if glimpsed in the trajectory of Patativa of the Assar is permanent dilogodele with its social environment, it wants this dialogue if it gives in chats or in you rhyme. Favourite Suacompanheira was the nature, species of inspired muse. It liked to detrabalhar alone, so that while decides the land, plants, clean; to pudesserefletir better on the things of the life, one to make laborious, that osustento guarantee in such a way of the body, how much of the poetical one. In the interviews, nor always if it showed as the same man of the daily one, had a certainty cuidadocom the approaches most incisive; when in colloquies with anonymous admirers, if it limited to use chaves, that if dealt with cliches, that is, respostasprontas. ‘ ‘ Patativano hears what it does not desire to hear and it has exit of most unusual for asperguntas indesejveis’ ‘. (Feitosa, 2003:18). importante to emphasize how much it primava for a preferential speech on sie on its workmanship, directing the image to be spread out by the media and between seuspesquisadores. Eraum man of strong personality, perhaps until intolerante, but to characterize opoeta goes beyond these trifling details, is to search in closest, the form as Patativainterpretava the things and as its verses spoke on the life, the loves and aslutas not only of the northeasterns, but of all kept out of society people. Umpoeta to the front of its time; the voice in Patativa of the Assar is cantotransformado in some cnticos. REFERNCIABIBLIOGRFICA ASSAR, Patativa of, I say and I do not ask for secret. So Paulo: Publishing presence, 2001. OAK, Gilmar of. Poetical anthology. $fortaleza: Editions Democritus Rock, 2007. FEITOSA, Tadeu Luiz, Patativa of the Assar: the trajectory of one I sing. So Paulo: EscriturasEditora, 2003.

Golden Mountain

I do not know why! _ And now, what vocs they find that the authorities go to make? _ Who knows? Nobody more wants to be delegated here in Golden Mountain range. Although to love the city, after the death of the Fulgncio, everybody lives terrified with the history of the Legend and if the mayor or the judge not to take a step, the city goes to turn city ghost, done the films of caubi. _ But will be that he does not appear nor a man capable to be delegated and goes to be necessary the people to abandon the city? For what we know, the commission agents have only died. From there, if he concludes that the other people are free of the threat. _ Is there that Mr. if is deceptive, young man, therefore the four that they had abandoned were glad men, friends of everybody and later that they had left, they had not spoken with plus nobody.

The Epaminondas was as, wants to say, the first one after the Euclides. Rapidinho was everything very, exactly. Later that the Epaminondas it left, had assumed the Baltazar, the Enoque, the God and Miro. They had taken two months more or less, had delivered the police station and if they had closed without speaking with plus nobody. Only that it opened the peak died of laranjada.

The other wanted to be more male and received lead. Now, what it is that lacks? She is people to see a mount of tanks to enter for the street and the nazistas to finish with everything. Not! People lived a life tranquila to erase a shameful page and I, at least, do not have more nerves. He looks at, the Alberto there is that he had to be nominated delegated. Put citizen the crossbow, only lives with that guitar, seeming that never necessary of nobody.