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Particleboard – Cutting And Application

Particleboard (Chipboard) – a high-quality and environmentally friendly material that is widely known and actively used because of its high strength, ease in handling. Particleboard is made from various waste woody plants: cleaned and dried pine or birch sawdust. Sawdust are pressed and glued together with thermosetting adhesive. Chipboard is divided by water resistance: Particleboard with the usual moisture resistant chipboard and with increased resistance to water (used in the manufacture of bathroom furniture, kitchen sets). ADI differs in density: low density – up to 550 kg / cu m, the average density – 550-750 kg / cubic meter, a high – density of 750 kg / cu.m. Particleboard is used in construction, manufacturing of furniture, countertops, kitchen furniture, furniture for office, schools and kindergartens. Particleboard is also used for wall cladding and roofing, as wall panels for the manufacture of floors, building fences, as well as for decoration. To give the appearance of the ADI to grind, and then the veneer melamine, laminate, veneer or varnish (matt or glossy).

After the veneer chipboard can be almost any color, however, the most popular are lining that mimic the structure of wood. Exposed, but only polished plate is used for manufacture of hidden items, such as the various decks. Of great importance for good appearance has a quality sawn wood laminate. The first stage of the production of furniture made of chipboard – her section at the appropriate parts and components. Directly on the quality of cut chipboard will depend on the appearance and durability of the future of furniture. Correct sawing very hard to produce conventional instruments, this requires special equipment.

Current production is used for cutting a vertical panel saw. This machine has a compact design, reliable and easy to use. A modern machine can produce the following types of cuts: vertical and horizontal propyl, edged propyl, propyl-format, as well as cut internal openings. Professional sawing chipboard is available for purchase or apply to specialized companies. When preparation of solid particle board for furniture manufacturing, it can be subjected to different types of cutting. Straight-line sawing chipboard, which form a rectangular shape. Curvilinear sawing Particleboard, to create elements with curvilinear shapes (eg, details of design furniture). Mixed sawing chipboard, when you need detail, both direct and curved lines. If you decide to saw particle board in the home, then Prepare a sharp saw with fine teeth. Produce sawn should slowly and carefully, otherwise you may damage the DSP, getting chipped and uneven cut. If as a result of cut you get jagged edges, they must be handle-operated plane. As a result, cutting boards to bare the inner layer of particle board, it must be processed, for example, by using plastic strips or veneers. This procedure is called kromkovanie, it will protect the particleboard from moisture, mildew, give details of the finished appearance.


Significant shift in the direction of the relations of organisms of one sex has both theoretical and practical importance, since one of the floors are usually more productive. It has long been observed that female fish exposed certain conditions (environment, hormones, etc.) are transformed into males (gambuzievye, melanohromisy, etc.). Female sex hormone (estrol) and male (methyltestosterone), when added to water or feed override the floor. Japanese geneticist Yamamoto in 1969 turned the females in the male goldfish. With further dilution of all offspring was female.

To date, aquaculturists have learned to change the sex of fish, affecting small doses of hormones on spawn. Also, damage to the endocrine system of fish themselves may cause preferential birth of individuals of one sex. Scientists have reported that emissions of industrial plants cause disturbances in the endocrine system of fish in the early stages of development, which dramatically alters the sex ratio towards males for priority development. But the most interesting – it is social factors of change of sex – that is, adult mature fish change sex at influence “public opinion” so as to optimize the sex ratio in the population. What gives the fish change sex? Found that the number and quality of eggs is directly dependent on the size of females. For males there is no such dependence.

Therefore, a strategy in which the fish first enter into a breeding male, and having grown older and bigger, turning into females, it looks logical. The transformation of males into females under the influence of social factors has been well studied as an example clown fish. A young clown settles from the plankton to the reef under the protection of sea anemones. The biggest fish in the group is female, the second biggest – by a male. The remaining fish are still immature. But if the female dies, the clown-male quickly turns into a female, and the next largest fish matures as a male and takes his place. However, there are times when the success of reproduction depends on the size of males. In cases where the male to defend a harem, spawning territory or to protect the clutch of eggs, large males have an advantage over smaller ones. Therefore, in some species females grow up, grow up and turn into males. In the fish phenomenon often seen in cichlids. On Coral reefs are the fish that do not need to change sex, because they are both males and females. Such fish hermaphrodites mature and spawn, and milk. If two such individuals to meet and enjoy each other, each of them will breed. If there is not a worthy partner, then we can resort to self-fertilization. This strategy has the advantage of deep-sea fishes numerically small, are difficult to find a mate in the ocean depths. But so far committed is not clear why this should coral fish. Coral fish are hermaphrodites live fairly dense populations in which the choice of couples – not a problem. Moreover, the known types of hermaphrodites, which form permanent monogamous pairs for life.

Friendship Between Man

Long ago there was friendship between dog and man. People hunt, got their food, while the wolf-hunting predators, usually ended in failure. And wild animals are eat up food debris left after the people. Later years, the animals are accustomed to helping people to grow roots and become close to human houses. People have noticed that their comrades are excellent herders and hunters and were tame dogs.

It took many centuries since then, and the dogs were devoted friends of man. This myth is retold on the occurrence of affection between man and dog. But, alas, was not so easy. Reality is always more difficult and prosaic. But can it be judged likely to origin of the relationship between humans and dogs, if there are no accurate written confirmation? In this situation, the facts are the archaeological findings, the study scientists. So how do you really, man and dog become friends? Experts say that the first man appeared in the Paleolithic era, which began in 500 thousand years bc. Domestication of the wolf began about twelve thousand years ago. But wild beasts and people went to touch a lot It had been violent relationships.

Most often, one of them became the victim of another. Much in common it was for the first humans and wolves – a meal of both getting the same animals and habitat areas, respectively, were identical. And often, not only the remnants of the mining man ate wild animals, but on the contrary, people did not disdain the remains of a dog eat dinner. As soon as people became more intelligent, stronger and domesticate the dog. In the first period of residence in one area made it possible benefit for both groups. In the case of attacks on parked enemy species, dog guarding its territory, but at the same time, they felt safe because of the proximity to the stronger predator – man. So are the people. Living together gave other results: found that if just emerged puppy, first saw the man, he takes him for his mother. Parts were also cases of children feeding the dog, and vice versa. So gradually created the overall flock: the dog-man. Probably why the dog is so true man, as no other creature on Earth. They never believe people member of his flock.

The Beatles Yesterday

Look over the book in the distance, and then slowly lift the book to the level of sight without a vision and focus of attention. You can read the text? What is it in the text? You need to concentrate. To focus the mind and attention to the text to understand its meaning. And your brain is perceived and memorized the entire text as a picture. Modern science says that this picture is stored forever in our minds at the subconscious level. All of our memories, concentration – 2% of the level of the subconscious, so that we instantly get a huge amount of information, but are aware of it through a narrow slit of consciousness (look at the huge world through a small hole in the fence). "Knowledge – is difficult and painful process, and recognition – is always a joy, "- says modern science.

Remember, when you meet on the street an old acquaintance, with whom connected fond memories, what have you had feelings? And what emotions to wake up at you, if on the street, suddenly, for you will throw your arms with the "torturer" from childhood or a person about whom you have only negative memories? See the difference? Imagine that you want to hear song of The Beatles Yesterday by radio. You need to find and catch the radio station. Then difficulties begin: 1) Yesterday not in constant rotation on most radio stations, and 2) require the station to broadcast a Yesterday may sound, and 3) to give all their attention on the search or just wait until Yesterday will be performed at your chosen station, etc. So it is with our minds, we set it at a certain rate of perception and get what we ordered, only waiting time period, we can not control. Well, if you are confident in their choice, then a modicum of patience and a sip of luck will take you to the desired result. Presented us catalysts Fortunately, you can compare with the record Yesterday by the carrier from which you can always play this song.

Vic, you can simply save it as a picture from our website and print. Quality "play" image and vector product (Obtained from the store) differ as play MP3 and cd with high-end brand of equipment in a prepared to listen to music indoors. You experience the pleasure of immersion in music? Each perceive the world differently and looks forward to the World of certain results, actions and events. Yes, the same small difference in the resulting distress may have, call rejection, resentment, even though we get what we asked for. For example, Yesterday sounds on the radio, but it performs a punk rock band that "hits" on your ears. Or you hear the music, begin it "purr" and understand that this is a very interesting performance Yesterday in jazz style. There is a variant of the universal – musical notation (Voucher). If you read the notes you hear music or see the happiness, then you just need to get the music notation and enjoy it, playing in his head or perform on a suitable musical instrument. Your performance, understanding Yesterday (Happiness) will be different from the rest, but if you invest fully implemented, it increases the likelihood that the people around you will treat you with approval – means you become a master. Become a master – a resident of Happiness – everyone can!

Clothing Styles

At the heart of country music styles are images of European displaced persons, have appeared in the American West in the late xix – early xx century. Typically, these were the last inhabitants of the villages or the city suburbs. Many of them were Irish or come from other parts of Old England. Fashion designers working in this direction, dreams about the urban dweller in the country and vice versa, interweaving various cultures and epochs. Colors are used mostly muted, pastels – all shades of brown, gray, beige, ocher. Fans of country style injected into your wardrobe with new items of the season, only those that resonate with their state of mind.

Variants of the wardrobe of a woman dressed in country style, are as follows: suit jacket with wide-cut, leather buttons, skirt, rough knitted clothes. For the models she chooses thick fabrics such as tartan, cells tweed. He wears thick socks and shoes on a flat thick soles. Folk Style This modern style of clothing, using the elements of national dress. Suits in this style are made of natural fabrics of natural colors. Used for finishing embroidery, openwork, lace, ruffles, lacing, weaving Sometimes there are applique and patchwork. The most common pattern – geometric, is well combined with the structure of tissue. It colored beads, beads, etc.

A focus on waist, such as a wide belt with lacing. Usually a wide long skirts or dresses, blouses with heavily prisborennymi at armhole sleeves. Neckline often with a high clasp or round with a prodernutoy kulisku on neck cord.