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A traveller when he glides to venture itself by unknown and inhospitable places, knows that always he must take with himself a compass or a map to guide themselves and not to end up losing itself in the zone. However, if these gliding to go to the island of Tenerife, but you do not know the place, most recommendable is than you guide of the maps tenerife for dirigirte the place that you wish to visit. Although in some hotels tenerife, offers the service of tour guide to the guests, is recommendable who always you leave with a map of the island, so that you know the direction of the tourist sites. You may want to visit Sofar to increase your knowledge. It now designs a route with Internet everything is possible, mainly when one is to look for precise information on a place that never has gone away. For example, in the case of Tenerife, there are Web sites that offer basic information of their geography, climate, meals, customs, etc. But also the tourist can use Tenerife map that there is in line by Internet, to design a route and to select the tourist places that think to visit. In addition, map use Tenerife allows you to locate better the sites and to save the time that would take to be asking you the citizens for where it is attractive tourist so. Therefore, to design a route of the city, finishes being a great aid. Also having in your hand the maps of the city and its monuments you will be able to optimize your time to the maximum during the day, avoiding unnecessary long walks and being able to arrive at the night with the forces necessary to also enjoy the interesting nocturnal supplies that the city offers tinercea. The certain thing is that in the Tenerife hotels always you will be able to find people prepared to brindarte detailed information on the historical, artistic and natural sites, as well as points of entertainment and food that the island offers, so that benefits of your vacations during your demurrage.

Escape To Barcelona In Christmas

Barcelona is a perfect destiny to organize a Christmas escape in pair or with the family. Purchases, funny celebrations, calm atmosphere and a perfect climate to cross the city make of the condal city bind perfect to relax, to break with the routine and to spend Christmases different. The temperate climate of the Mediterranean, with sunny days and average temperatures resists with the own Christmas decoration of destinies with snow and cold, but that also everything floods. The streets are full of lights and is everything a spectacle to cross them at night, in a calm stroll by the Boulevards or the district of Grcia. In a Christmas route by Barcelona he is habitual to find the traditional swap-meets of Christmas. Oldest and popular he is the one that organizes every year to few meters of the Cathedral of Barcelona, in the Plaa of the Seu: The Fira of Santa Llcia. There, the visitor will be able to find all type of Christmas decoration, of course, and the famous figure of caganer, symbol already of Catalan Christmas and that has its version of sportsmen famous, singing, political and until superheroes.

The Christmas purchases in Barcelona acquire a new sense. Barcelona is a city in which unique gifts for all the pleasures can be found. The more interesting route of purchases extends by the side streets of the gothic district and the Tip, exclusive floods of small stores with character, designs, unique pieces of clothes and an amiable and kind personnel. The city is completely open day 24 to complete the purchases, but it gets dressed festive 25, day of Christmas, and the 26, the day of San Esteban. However, 26 many of the main attractions and museums of Barcelona abren until noon and give to the visitor the possibility of enjoying their beauty little people, since the city to duer to me until behind schedule: The Sagrada Family, the cathedral, the Picasso Museum, the Gell park Essential. In order to eat, the Christmas gastronomy in Barcelona is everything an art. The restaurants of Barcelona abren the holidays and offer special menus with combined typical plates with original thought prescriptions to commemorate these dates of excesses and flavor. And to sleep the best thing it is to reserve in a hotel of the center of Barcelona, in a hotel surrounds Fira Barcelona that well is communicated with all the city. This will allow the traveller, mainly to the families, to move with facility and to have the possibility of resting more to little distance of the visited corners of Barcelona in Christmas.


The day of the wedding, without a doubt, is one of the days more unforgettable than they yearn for many fianc2es. But also there is another important event in the life of the married pair, the honeymoon. Generally in the honeymoon, previously planned, the new spouses travel to other places to enjoy their new married life. And exactly the hotels in Ibiza, are not only dedicated to the single woman travellers and whole families, but also to the pairs just married that arrive at the island to enjoy their honeymoon by several days and weeks. The hotels santa eulalia, also are lodgings where the new spouses can enjoy very romantic moments as a dinner to light of the moon and stars a musical bottom.

But everything will depend than they look for just married to celebrate his wedding the certain thing it is that to arrive at Ibiza to celebrate the first days of marriage, is an extraordinary idea to begin the relation of spouses since Ibiza is a cosmopolitan island with old traditions that feed their cultural wealth and offer historical sites worthy to be visited. In addition, they are its white sand beaches crystalline and their waters, that surround to anyone. And that to say of its natural landscapes with that blue sky and a radiating sun that it embellishes to all the island. Weddings in the beach On the other hand, with the advance of the modern tendencies, the fianc2es of now want to feel more identified with their own wedding. So many glide to marry in little conventional places. For example, one of the most favorite options by the fianc2es is to realise its wedding in the beach. Before it, many hotels in Ibiza offer services of wedding to the innovating fianc2es. Therefore, if these looking for next to your pair an original wedding, to marry you in the beach of Ibiza without a doubt are a dream wedding.