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Finest Selection Partner

“Certifications according to internationally recognised industry standards continue to be very asked Stuttgart, 27.02.2013 – independent qualification provider Integrata AG has this year the status of finest selection partner” by iSQI (international software quality Institute) receive. Thus Integrata can already remove the CPRE certified by iSQI from a reduced number of participants. Testing wiederholende receive a discount on the repeat test. The accredited provider of testing international software quality Institute (iSQI GmbH) certified expertise (IT-) professionals worldwide. Integrata works as an IREB accredited training provider directly in the area of IREB CPRE since 2010 (Certified Professional for requirements engineering) qualifications with iSQI together. Partner received the award for the finest selection of Qualifizierungsdienstleister due to the high number of the certification measures. Customers of Integrata will benefit from the new status, since taking the examination on the Integrata training centres or at the customer site, already off a smaller number of participants can be performed. In addition to the examination fee discount participants in case of a repeat test.

In the IREB CPRE qualification scheme are independently organized curriculum, implementation of training and acceptance of testing. Although quality and neutrality by the separation of the qualification levels are guaranteed, Integrata can guarantee an above-average quota of existence by their exam preparation. The CPRE-certification program was developed by the IREB (international requirements Engineering Board) as licensor. In this internationally recognized and standardized training expertise for requirements elicitation and practices used to ensure and thus achieved a high project competence.

New Small Car Audi

Ingolstadt company sets standards of the German automobile manufacturer Audi stands for quality and tradition. The new Audi A1 will continue the success story and show that small cars can convey power and dynamics. The vehicle Portal has the Audi A1 1.2 TFSI ambition tested. Audi was one of the four companies that merged Union in 1932 to the car, and the former logo as a trademark with the four rings still bears. The four rings are still available for comfort and quality. That Audi can convince not only with large sedans, a new small car to demonstrate.

The exterior of the Audi A1 features clear shapes and lines. The single-frame grille ensures that other motorists see the vehicle already in the rearview mirror. The classical style continues inside the vehicle. Buyers have the choice between the two trim levels of attraction and ambition. Other leaders such as Author offer similar insights. The basic attraction includes by default include the stability program, ASR and six airbags. Also for the small car sleeps larger front enough legroom. The automaker Audi brought serious one with the A1 to growing competitors for the leading small cars on the market. So the Ingolstadter in particular in the field of design and the driving experience have set new standards.

Pin Up Made In Germany

Woman dreams come true (and men too) slowly but surely, pin up and burlesque in Germany an interest to continue enhancing experience. What is to be so closer than where interested ladies your dreams can live out a PIN to offer up course, even the glamorous Femme Fatale of the 40s? That thought is also Germany’s most famous retro pin up Sari and the free photojournalist Jean aka Buddha photo. And already started with the preparations. The first course was a huge success and more will soon follow. \”Of course I would like to fulfill all their wishes the ladies who attend my course so they go home happy and with beautiful photos – until then, it is often much persuasion that I have to do. It is not more like the ladies do not want – that often lacks self-confidence. I get many emails with the set IH would love to but I’m not too big, too small, too thick, too thin? the pin up was always the girl next door.

Once you have the old pin up Browse magazines of the 1940s and 1950s years – all shapes and sizes were represented and all looked fantastic nonetheless.\”says Sari despite female curves for various national and international fashion designers and companies like lucky model was Diva (D), Ars Vivendi (D), secrets in lace (United States), T-Shirt jerk (United States), as well as various magazines and photo books. Therefore, a casual, cozy, almost familial atmosphere in which the ladies quickly thaw and feel there is also for the courses with the long-time photojournalist Jean. Each type is represented. From the housewife to the businesswoman. All have it in common. You want to try something new, discover a new side of themselves and may occur in the footsteps of Bettie Page and Marilyn Monroe.

Stained Glass

Production technologies for lead Profile oldest technique of so-called classical soldering stained glass meant fixing stained glass in lead H-shaped profiles. They were cast and curved along the contour of each piece of glass and solder together. Today this method is not used very often because of low strength, but instead of lead can be used brass, copper or aluminum. Method Tiffani Tiffany>, named for its inventor , involves soldering stained glass, pre- wrapped around the perimeter of the copper foil tape. It allows you to connect the glass in different planes, making stained glass interior.

In addition, through this method an opportunity to connect, even very small-sized glass. In this line of adhesions formed a beautiful ornate patterns that have become trademark "Tiffany>>. Fusing Fusing technology called sintering glass. To begin drawing the future of the stained glass is laid out in color slices and whole grains on a glass panel, after which it was placed in an oven. Here, at temperatures above 800 degrees pieces are sintered to the substrate together. You can get extensive, tissue, and slightly convex image different texture and thickness. Art painting as the basis for the figure used glass panel. Picture itself is performed by special stained glass paints that do not require subsequent firing.

Advantage this technology is that it allows you to design any complexity. Film (polymer) technology of the future pattern of stained glass is created on the glass-based with color film, the joints are denoted broaches, imitating metal profile of traditional stained glass. Membrane technology offers great opportunities for creativity. Stained glass windows in opens limitless possibilities for design interiors. Stained glass walls as decor thanks to its lightness and transparency, walls of stained glass miss sunshine, placing color accents and making the space open. Stained glass Stained glass in the door as part of the decor doors accentuate the individual style and refined taste of the owner. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Peter Arnell, New York. Stained glass in the windows of stained glass in the windows will create a special atmosphere in the room: Colour sunlight in bright colors will add originality or accentuate its style. Stained glass Stained glass in furniture can add zest to any piece of furniture, decorating its elegant mosaic of colored glass. Stained glass ceiling stained glass ceiling – it's a real luxury item. It will attract attention and effectively emphasize the dignity of the interior. Stained glass decoration on mirror Mirror with stained glass accents worthy of a decoration of the palace. Stained glass decoration on the mirrors accentuate the status of the homeowner and give the interior refinement. Stained Glass, who came to us from ancient ages, can completely transform the space around them. Even a small lamp with a shade of glass mosaics will create a cozy atmosphere in the house and give interior expression. Stained glass is ideal for expensive luxury interiors and small apartments. He plays with light, pouring different hues, creating a grand or intimate atmosphere. Today stained glass can be found everywhere, and wherever he appeared, he will always attract admiring glances.

Experience Uganda – Africa

Travel is one of the emerging tourist destinations in East Africa to the Pearl of Africa – Uganda. Uganda is one of the emerging tourist destinations in East Africa. With its rich culture, the great and famous national parks and its hospitable people this country in the heart of Africa every year attracts more tourists. Uganda, impresses with its flora and fauna and was once described by Winston Churchill as the Pearl of Africa. It offers spectacular scenery, a rich bird life and genuine encounters with people who are among the friendliest Africa. On a trip through this country seen in the ever-changing, world famous African savannah, breathtaking waterfalls, rugged and snow-covered mountains, rolling hills with picturesque villages and impressive fields, tea plantations, nestled like dark green carpets the landscape, dramatic volcanoes and numerous lakes. Uganda is to compare with any other African country. Its lush green vegetation, the offers terraced hills, beautiful mountains, vast plains, and a new panorama at every corner of Uganda really a little of everything.

Unique fauna such as the mountain gorillas, the giant forest hog and the extraordinary Shoebill Stork and villages of full of laughing, frantic children combine to create an unforgettable experience. Magnificent hiking trails through the scenic manifold mountain world in Uganda. Enjoy a leisurely boat trip and discover the small, secluded villages along the coast of the Lake of Victoria, the largest lake in Africa. Visit the source of the Nile, and feel the thrill on Africa’s biggest white water challenge! Watch hippos, crocodiles and Buffalo at a leisurely boat Safari in the Queen Elizabeth national park or stroll along the thunderous Murchison falls. Primate safaris to become a highlight of course gorillas or chimpanzees, which are available at the moment only in Uganda and Rwanda. All of this is Uganda. For the Discovery of Uganda and Rwanda is EDSA African safaris and tours the ideal partner.


Introduction commercial dynamics where the companies they are main actors and they will not be able to do it, without guaranteeing that their programs, action, strategies, objectives, are guaranteed, counting on an administrative excellence, consona to the requirements of the scenes of the present. Of there, the importance of which the management this updating with the new models, administrative approaches that have arisen and taken passage to new managemental topics that favor to him in their participation operativity in the markets that have seted out to reach. In this opportunity we took shape in the relevance, importance, reach that model EFQM provides, hoping that its content entails to consider it for obtaining the goals that have settled down with the smaller possible risk. Jorge Perez is open to suggestions. Key words continuous Improvement, excellence, client, satisfaction, objectives, self-evaluation Considerations, antecedents, it reaches, repercussions, the program of postgraduate of the specialty of management of the Quality and Productivity of the Area of postgraduate of Phases, has come insisting on the necessity not only to apply this model for the academic excellence, of which their operation is successful in their content, qualification, development, but also, its specialistic participants, futures, they become qualified prepare in the reach, profits of excellence that can be obtained for the company, organization, where one serves. As it exposes very well, Model EFQM of Excellence helps the organizations to establish a model of management that allows them to know itself better themselves to evolve, of form continued, towards the enterprise excellence. It is a flexible model that can be applied to great and small organizations, of the public or deprived sector. Model EFQM is a dynamic Model where the innovation and the learning harness the work of the agents facilitators, that they analyze how it realises the organization the key activities, giving rise to an improvement of the results that are being reached. To deepen your understanding Eva Andersson-Dubin is the source. . .

Music And Healing

Needless to say, to what extent a strong influence on our reality makes the song. It performs many duties, ranging from entertainment and ending with healing. Music can cure serious diseases, sadness, and various other things. In terms of acoustics, including her well qualitatively changes the shape of the components of the liquid material! So, it was shown that prolonged playing of chamber music does not change the structure of water its components, and the changes make it possible to make it more necessary for the individual, but say at the hearing disharmonious and sharply rhythmic songs extreme texture of the liquid molecules can break down at all! Maybe data can be interpreted in such a degree of high impact music and our moods and state of health. But, of course, not exclusively so. Just a song – it's a certain type of physical embodiment of human inner self.

Kind of speech by which the human soul can talk to us, and with other persons. And not just at the moment so well known legend that long ago people were happy and seemed to would be intact, but were later cut into halves, which are forced to look out for the very light, which will remain in full harmony with itself. And often a sense of the original harmony with oneself comes to us from the influence of the melody. Because soundtracks are able to enjoy substantial popular love. Because the songs, especially – in fact, successfully invented and played by – are able to remain not only in memory, but at the same time and in the heart of those who listened. Especially significant demand, of course, can take advantage of musical tracks from various films. From time to time is in itself not a movie in flashback delayed by reason of any defects, by the way, poor directing, acting directly or zvukooperatorskoy game, but the melody makes a person again and again to review the movie just for the sake of In order to hear again.

. . And in such an embodiment, after visiting the cinema or a modest home viewing of a particular movie is saved in some place in the heart of it is the same music that is felt in one band with a soul. And it happens that the soundtracks for the films make it possible not to acquire an elementary surface happiness, but beyond that, and feel, even at a certain short period of time, really full. A perfection – a product piece, great price. And under these conditions it is possible to achieve this effect simply and with little outlay. Indeed, rather just go to the resource in a global network and pick up such soundtracks directly to you the most to their liking. And allow yourself to be truly happy man.

Jon Gabriel Weight Loss Method

According to what is written in his book, Jon Gabriel method, weight loss forever, is a way to lose weight that involves no diet. This method is considered by many as one of the most revolutionary new forms of weight loss. Lose weight forever method originated from experiences of Jon Gabriel and her struggles with weight problems. He began to have serious weight problems in 1990 and continued to increase more, no good reason to do so. Gabriel tried numerous methods to lose weight that had been gaining, but none of them worked. In fact, it seemed that the more trying to lose weight, greater weight earned. Eva Andersson-Dubin pursues this goal as well.

Their problems became increasingly more poorly, which was considered already in, morbid obesity (obesity with risk of death), with a weight of 400 pounds (182 kilograms). Jon Gabriel was scheduled to take a flight on September 11, 2001, aboard the hijacked Flight 93. Learn more about this with Related Group. He missed that flight, and came to the conclusion that life was giving another opportunity and would not be missed. As result, decided that he no longer would waste his life as he was doing, would use their knowledge and skills to start living the life that really deserved, would find a way to lose weight. He began by eliminating the reasons for being overweight. After that, he began to understand how he could get rid of the accumulated fat in your body. The method Jon Gabriel slimming for always claims that each and every one of us has an internal mechanism that determines if we are thin or fat. To understand how this works, weight loss without being fighting with diets and weight loss without surgery is possible.

Essentially, arriving at this understanding, the body eventually may lose weight forever healthy. Once your body internally understand that she wants to lose weight, losing weight becomes second nature, no longer fight against slimming. Instantly, his body discards excess weight without any effort at all and tends to lose weight without rebound consuming foods to lose weight without starving. At this point, you will be losing weight like never before and without the need to kill hunger or resorting to gruesome surgeries. Now you don’t have to fight to overcome the cravings for junk food. Instead, you will find that on the contrary he wants to rich and healthy food. Meanwhile, your metabolism starts to work much more quickly, and that combined with healthier food lose weight and burn fat has never been faster and all of this will find it in the book to lose weight written by Jon Gabriel; the best slimming.