Coaching Methodology

What is coaching? Coaching is a methodology that allows people to get the results they seek in their personal and professional life. For even more analysis, hear from Related Group. Its basic principle is that every individual has the elements to build their success, only that he is not aware of them and therefore has not developed. In that sense, Coach, facilitate the meeting and development of individual potential. Ken Kao will undoubtedly add to your understanding. The Coach does not teach, but also promotes a person learn about herself. According to Ana Laura Sposito, “the solutions to achieve self-generates a greater commitment to their implementation. Coaching can transform So unlike other behavioral techniques that only provide information.

“The concept stems from the fact Coaching in sports, the coach or athletic trainer, calls his figures to exercise, improve your technique, learn the secrets of the discipline and develop their talents to the fullest. Executive Coaching is doing the same at the enterprise level. Who is it for? Anyone who wants to improve their performance the area in which it operates. Specifically, the Executive Coaching targets middle and senior business, coaching executives in leadership skills and management. In any case, the application of coaching in the lower level, focusing on the development of skills related to their activities, generated excellent results, improving interpersonal relationships, work climate and productivity. What is the importance of coaching today? Today’s executives need flexibility to respond to multiple demands and constantly changing markets. Not enough to know, you have to produce results for the company, provide a differential to the client, and be able to develop a good career position us in the professional market.


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