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This moment is sufficient for Ivo Moring, one of the present producers to recognize Mary’s uniqueness and potential. To give as much space of the romantic, lyrical side of Maria It opts for a stylish pop genre with ethnic references. Ivo Moring has itself already made a reputation in the industry: DJ otzi with the mega-hit “A star” and the collaboration with Christina Sturmer and Alexander Klaws are recommendations. Together, the two write many songs and develop a very unique sound. One hears Caucasian Duduks, arabesques and Russian chords. Maria Levin begins with “Black on white” to show their musical spectrum. So the title is not only for their debut album, but the base of which includes the alignment of their artistic existence. Located at a medium pace, with approaches from the heyday of the German Schlager which 70s refined classical dramaturgy language with final highlight – – the opener on full length features. Charlotte Hornets is full of insight into the issues.

Text and melody find thematic gearing and form a timeless and beneficial composition with Mary’s voice. Predicate especially valuable. The first radio single “Russian nights” describes a feeling of Reflections and unfathomable fantasies. Maria combines many exciting moments in their history with this title: “we wanted a song that both explained my origins as good mood spread, detached the boundaries and is home to popular stereotypes. Ethnic accents highlight this.

a catchy melody, which combines passion and joy and where I find myself back to 100 percent” It is impressive and highly emotional when “If you love me”. A dormant in ballad, which provides plenty of space for voice and interpretation. With lots of charm and great presence, Maria feels any sound, fills each chord, and penetrate into spheres, which are shaped by class and style. With this performance, it belongs without doubt to the new big voices in the German musical world. “All what matters” is the first number that Maria has written for her album. It is a very personal story about the search for happiness, told in a poetic pictorial language. “Sometimes we go thousand miles in search of the sense to finally recognize that we all the time in us even wear it. You have to stay true to yourself. Then, you will remain always above the water, no matter how big the waves are”, as Maria. With “Lightest Star” a separation situation described, if from a back two will: “sometimes you call the old name out of habit, but nobody will come. Sometimes, you automatically choose the old number and hang up again. Everyone knows this bitter feeling, if love goodbye”. A further highlight is the title ‘Tumbalalaika’. This traditional song from Mary’s childhood unites her diverse cultural origins with the tradition of the great German Schlager. “I wanted to have this song on my album. It is a tune from childhood, it’s my story. And it is pure and deep, a beautiful love song but also light and romantic, like lace on a summer dress. I love the Yiddish original text, then we also at our German version oriented”. The black and white album”will be released on July 27, the first single Russian nights” is since May 18 in the MPN. Source: Ariola more info under: and marialevin.musik

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