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El Greco Sea View

Exposure view and plan of Toledo by El Greco is exposed in the Prado Museum this summer alongside a selection of the works of the great Spanish artists. What makes this exhibition special for visitors that come from the hotels in Madrid is a large number of his pieces there in only a partial Toledo’s view, while the titular canvases show a detailed map of the city. It shall be open face to the public until November 1 in section 9A in the Villanueva building of the Prado and its purpose is to highlight the prominence of the Spanish city in the work of El Greco for art enthusiasts. The complexity of the vision included also an allegory of the river Tagus golden sculpture that poured water and prosperity – and the most significant religious image of the place: the Virgin by imposing the chasuble at San Ildefonso, says the official web page of the Museum. The box will be part of the artistic space dedicated to other parts of El Greco titled San Sebastian, San Andres and San Francisco, and San Bernardo.

Some of the other emblematic buildings that appear in view and map of Toledo, in addition to other masterpieces, include the Alcazar, the bridge of Alcantara, the monastery of San Bartolome, San Servando Castle and the chapel of Montero. If visitors visit the Jeronimos Prado building, you will also see the tapestry of Willem de Pannemaker, but this single exposure will be available until September 26. The opening hours are from 9 am to 8 pm from Tuesday to Sunday and the price of admission is 8. For more information about this event visit the official website of the Museum or contact them in the (34) 91 330 2800.