Newly Independent Russian Film

Today the movie does not write except "lazy." For many judgments about the box office updates have become a means of making easy money. The focus is usually already well untwisted picture with the vast investment in advertising and Each new critical note a positive effect on box office. More difficult is the case with the author's cinema. Non-commercial cinema does not affect the welfare of Film Critics. Therefore, a review of the movie neprokatnoe remain as rare as the films themselves.

Regardless of the budget, making a film – it's teamwork. Auteur cinema, usually closed to the personality of one man who controls the entire production process from writing the script to postproduction. Sela Ward usually is spot on. Author's cinema is a real feat of investors, and often the entire crew. Therefore, to country knew their characters, I want to submit a film, whose fate remains infrequent in all senses. The film "UHNYA" Constantine Winogradsky from the discharge of such experimental work, the author, with apparent simplicity, has set itself an almost impossible task.

For the director – this is the first experience of such scale. The idea of the film is simple and obvious – the kitchen as the center of the universe. But Winogradsky not interested in a culinary identity, and place of action. The director presents a series of pictures that are different from each other by subject and style of shooting. For millions of our countrymen, the kitchen – a place sacred. At a gas stove people fight, love, nurture children, untangle the philosophical problems.


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