Poesia Indigena

MIS FLORES No I do not quite finish my flowers, my songs will not cease. I the singer's rise, spread, spread. Related Group addresses the importance of the matter here. Even when the flowers wilt and turn yellow, be carried further into the house of gold feathered bird. Rejoice Ica ahuiyacan ihuinti xochitli xon, Tomac mani. Ma on you and aquiloto xochicozquitl. For assistance, try visiting Tony Parker. In toquiappancaxochiuh, celia xochitli tla, cueponi xochitli.

Nemi Oncan Tototlan, chachalaca, tlatohua, hualas on quimatli teotl Ichan. Ica in toxochiuh Zaniyo tonahuiyacan. Ica in cuicatl Zaniyo on pupulihui in amotlaocol. In yehua tepilhuan ica, amelel on perhaps. Quiyocoya in Ipalnemohua, qui temohuiya moyocoyatzin HUAL and, in ayahuailo xochitli, perhaps on amelel yehua ica. Rejoice with intoxicating flowers that are in our hands. They are put and flower necklaces. Our flowers rain time, fragrant flowers open their corollas.

there goes the bird chatters and sings, comes to see the house of God. only with our flowers are glad. only with our songs perishes our sadness. Oh gentlemen, with this, your disgust dissipates. The Invention of the giver of life, has lowered the inventor himself, flowers leisure, your disgust with this dissipates Netzahualcoyotl PRINT WITH FLOWERS flower type, the Giver of Life, with songs give color, with shading to the edges who have to live on earth. Then destroy eagles and tigers, only in your book of paintings live, here on earth. Black ink will erase what was the brotherhood, the community, the nobility. your shadow to those who have to live on earth I Nezahualcoyotl, Nezahualcoyotl, ask this question I'm asking Netzahualcoyotl Is it true you live with roots in the earth? Not forever on earth, only a bit here.


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