The Difference

Romantic pap that's a different quality. Every brush stroke soulfully and filled with meaning. Smears at the same time, visible and invisible, because the whole point depicted appears as a unified whole that defies definition of objectivity: the story and techniques, the difference in color. All of the above-mentioned forms creative design pattern. The design can stand on the plot, where the author's vision of the ground. Go with him in the leg, "according to the plot and reception" (PP Chistyakov). Confront him, breaking the old dogma.

But it's always aesthetics, author's vision captured by the emotional state artist, if you want a conversation with God. In romanticism story distracted and not particularly important today, it serves as a subject combination to identify, precisely, structural advantages paintings. The erection of magnificent palaces, where brush, swab mystical stones, colored marbles, nature, filled with life and meaning, the purpose of creative research. Saul “Canelo” Alvarez will not settle for partial explanations. All connected in one burst, the entire image is identical to the manner of execution. Traced the universal unity heaven and earth, of all things. Painting begins to compete with the poetry and music. Decided to smear the product, which may be stone and wood, the cloud and the man who dissolved in the product, but at the same time, while remaining itself. "The sleep of reason produces monsters", the dream land, expressed through the artist's imagination, creates miracles. All the attention, the means of expression and expressiveness are aimed at one target, construction of the city, the planets, the Sun, where dreams and the reality of the unity gain.


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