Senator Alberto Grillon

But what happens with Paraguay. As outlined it AFP and ANSA, the Paraguayan Congress will keep its rejection at the entrance to Caracas in the regional bloc by the intrusion of the Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, in internal affairs of other countries. Said it so yesterday Miguel Carrizosa, President of the Paraguayan Congress, where opponents are the majority. The head of the Paraguayan legislature ruled in that tone after the acceptance of the accession of Venezuela to Mercosur in the Parliament of Brazil, with which Paraguay was the only country of the bloc that opposes the Venezuelan membership.CARRIZOSA put on the table their reasons. We will apologize the Venezuelan brothers, but while Chavez is in this interventionist attitude, we will not give the go-ahead for the accession of Venezuela to Mercosur, he said. CARRIZOSA fears, moreover, that, with their country as a full partner of the block, the Chavez use the veto power that each partner has to handle at your leisure the Mercosur.En communion with the holder of the Congress, Senator Alberto Grillon, head of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, recalled that the Venezuelan request is not in Congress, because the Government of Fernando Lugo withdrew it before the imminence of its rejection. Responsibility is now much larger than for our country, he said Grillon, who gave to understand that Paraguay is now the exclusive arbiter in the matter.

Paraguay will maintain its refusal to the accession of Venezuela to Mercosur while President Hugo Chavez keep doing political meddling in Latin American countries, announced the President of the Congress, Senator Miguel Carrizosa Carrizosa journalists ahead of me free and I vetare any possibility of accession of Venezuela to Mercosur as its President Chavez keep doing political meddling in Latin American countries “, stressed AP. excuse me the Venezuelan brothers, but have proven the way how Chavez intervenes in the internal affairs of various countries of the Mercosur and in the weakest participates with greater force. Even Paraguay by the songs of siren of this man (Chavez) already owes $ 300 million for the supply of crude oil “, said Patria Querida party opponent Carrizosa. It should not be forgotten, with Venezuela, Mercosur will turn into a block of 270 million people with a combined GDP of two trillion dollars, equivalent to 76% of American GDP.


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