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The catastrophe that as much worries to you, often turns out to be less horrible in the reality, than it was in your Wayne imagination W. Dyer Like was to be expected, the reached final conclusions in the summit was divided, that considers them favorable to the established objectives, another no. The peculiar thing as relates very well. , the presidents of the richest countries of the world, celebrated the conclusions on the nourishing crisis with a great banquet in a hotel of luxury of the Hokkaido island. Its hosts the Japaneses they recruited to 27 chefs to offer manjares worthy of the most exquisite palates. On the high price of the foods, that attempts to million people, the G5, only was arranged to explore possible options to guarantee the nourishing security. The leaders of the G8 indicated, that the nourishing crisis is not a problem caused by the developing countries, reason why demanded to the international community a fast solution of the problem who attributed partly to the agricultural subsidies that they grant the rich countries that distort the commerce and have prevented the development of the capacity of food production in the developing countries, reducing critically its possibilities of reaction against the crisis. The eight industrialized countries more of the world, were satisfied by to have been able to sign an agreement around the global heating, weighs that the objective that assumed to reduce the CO2 emissions fixed 2050 in the middle of and any goal was not included makes specific in the mid term, as they demanded the emergent countries.

It is added that equal of vague it was his exposition around world-wide the nourishing crisis, in spite of the pressures of the UN. The agreement was described as success by Japan, the EU, the USA. By to have more been able to print its companies that by its content.