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Luxuriate In Guest Houses

Suzdal, with its fabulous atmosphere is not the first dozen years, attracts many tourists: as foreigners who come here for a long time, visit the sights and Muscovites who come here for the weekend just take a break from the city. In a question-answer forum Tony Parker was the first to reply. Recently, many tourists have to deny yourself the pleasure to visit Suzdal from the high cost of the trip. But not everyone knows that you can visit Suzdal and for very reasonable money. One way to save money on a trip to Suzdal – to live in a private mini-hotel or guest house. What is represented private mini-hotels and guesthouses Suzdal? Typically, they look like huts from the Russian fairy tales – the great house of logs, with the casings on the windows and carved porches with wood trim inside. However, in contrast, from the fairy huts, guest houses Suzdal equipped with many of the necessary recreational facilities.

Private Suzdal Hotels are designed mainly for 8-10 people. In the guest houses rarely stops more than one family (or company) at the same time, allowing guests to feel completely at home. Level comfort in guest houses and private hotels Suzdal is often higher than in the large guest complexes. The prices are a pleasant surprise. As a rule, private hotels and guest houses Suzdal not raise prices even in a season holidays. In some private hotels Suzdal have a kitchen that allows itself to cook their own food, but it also significantly reduces the cost of leisure (in Suzdal fairly expensive restaurants). Just some owners of private mini Suzdal hotels themselves offer to cook you breakfast, lunch and dinner for an additional fee.

In addition, many private mini-hotels and guesthouses Suzdal provide guests with additional services, which also allows you to save a decent amount. Many private hotels Suzdal is a traditional Russian sauna. Services Russian baths in guest houses Suzdal cost much less than in specialized complexes. In addition, Such baths generally work on the principle of "all inclusive": You do not have to pay extra money for each broom, and stand in line to get this broom. Some guest houses and private mini-Suzdal Hotels can call a professional attendant, hospitality tea from a samovar. Some guest houses Suzdal maintain contact with professional guides, which is also very convenient. No need to pre-book excursions or adjust to the schedule of tour group. You can make yourself route and schedule an appointment for tours of Suzdal. Typically, services of private tour guides are fairly cheap. In addition, many guests homes located in the historic part of Suzdal. This means that all of the main cantonment sites and tours to all major attractions of Suzdal in five minutes on foot. That's a great location private Mini-Hotel Suzdal allow you to save and transport. Some private hotels in Suzdal has his sites on the Internet where you can see the living conditions, see pictures of rooms and reservation. Negotiate in advance with the owners of the hotel all of your questions so as not to be disappointed at the place and do not spoil your holiday! Thus, when a trip to Suzdal can significantly reduce the cost of vacation, settling in private hotel Suzdal or guest house. Believe me, stopping once in a private hotel in Suzdal, you will have no more desire to stay in big hotels Suzdal. Well relax!