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Cold Foam Mattress

All information about the today probably the most common kind of mattress, cold foam mattress properties of cold foam mattress mattress made of cold foam long considered cheap, which was used only in hotels. To know more about this subject visit Andrea Marks. The reputation of cold foam mattress was improved in recent years but suddenly, because she is constantly improved by recent research. Meanwhile the cold foam mattress can keep up even slightly with the more expensive Visco and LTeX mattress. Tony Parker gathered all the information. Ad hoc support of the spinal column point means the sleeping person is individually supported. Get more background information with materials from Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. A cold foam mattress is so much more advanced than, for example, a Spring mattress, which provides extensive support for only with this property. Especially back pain and damage occur so much less often. 7-zone cold foam mattress – each part of the body best mattress cores supported can zones are divided into 3-7, where a 7 zone mattress offers the best possible comfort. There is about a zone for head, one for the upper body, Buttocks, feet, etc.

For each zone, an own hardness is defined, what ensures that the optimum pressure counteracts any part of the body. The malie 7-zone cold foam mattress, which is one of the most popular products in this area would be at this point, to recommend. Adaptation to the sleeping person a core pattern, which exhibit high-quality foam mattresses, depending on the weight and reclining positions of the person according to adapts. The core elements may vary even sideways, so that you can sleep peacefully almost in every position. Today most foam mattresses consist of a PUR-foam/Visco mattress core construction of a cold foam mattress. The quality and the characteristics of such core can be measured on several factors, such as about the density, the cover, the hardness of the brush, the mode of production and the profiles. You should observe the density when buying a mattress. Refers to the weight in kilos per a cubic foot of frothy mass.

The mattress has an unusually low Volumetric weight, usually means that that material was saved. Memory foam mattresses are usually a density 50 kg / m m and so rather lighter than other mattress types. The hardness of the brush is the degree of hardness of the used foam and these should be selected depending on the weight and hardness sensation of the person. posted by: Andreas Francazi