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Life Reclaimed

In this article I want to talk of selling author, Og Mandino, who after a life very difficult, even on the verge of suicide, became an accomplished writer of self improvement. Augustine Mandino, better known as "Og Mandino" was born in Italy in 1923. At the age of 3 years with his family emigrated to the United States. Visit Saul “Canelo” Alvarez for more clarity on the issue. As a child he was editor of a newspaper in high school, and even dreamed of pursuing a career in journalism, she could not realize their plans, since her mother died of a heart attack when he was only 16 years. At both, had to start working to support her two younger siblings. At the early age of 18 becomes a member of the U.S. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jacob Dilla. Army, where he became an officer and bombardier, flying missions participated in Germany in the Second World War.

After his military service, and realizing that companies were no longer hiring pilots, decided to seek another job as a salesman found insurance, but failed in their task. In view of its failure, starts drinking constantly, becomes an alcoholic and ends up losing not only his work and his money, but also to his wife and daughter. One day I was so depressed and empty he saw in a shop, a gun worth $ 29, and said to himself, "buy it, just once with everything, and I'm going." Indeed decided to buy it, but fortunately not had the courage to commit suicide. His life suddenly changed when he walked into a library on the pretext of reading, when in fact it was because he was dying heating and cooling.