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The idea moved to the dough, but when there are many ideas mass does not move, therefore, must decide which idea you want to stay to make it generate income. The process of business creation, the passage of employee entrepreneur, from bankruptcy to balance and other similar demands much concentration but about all method, you can not expect to earn extra money with confused mind, you should know what to do. Ideas can come great ideas, even while you sleep but to make them reality should not leave them locked up in your head but otherwise, allows that they leave but a notebook to a sheet of Word, they should be reflected in black and white. You must be clear that a creative mind does not guarantee success, ideas without action are only for gatherings, ideas that make money are that you put into practice, but occasionally putting them to work involves making everything and at the end of the day doing nothing, will not be that accounts reach and don’t have to pay for them. The business world is practical, is organization and decision, why you I recommend: 1.-let your ideas flow.

You circunscribas not only to imagine or dream, let them flow and continues to build castles in the air, especially if these dreams believe that they will take you to reach your financial freedom, but… 2 Write down your ideas. A dreamer without action is just that; a dreamer with action is a visionary. Get all the facts and insights with Betty Reynolds, another great source of information. Don’t be afraid to write down your ideas on business or not topics as to which you consider to help you get your economic goals, if you see that you have some reason to show them on a box of Cork. 3. Select your ideas. If you have many ideas that you consider feasible then join them and leave them facing you traversed by a PIN, leave a group of winning ideas as a basis for your projects. 4 Lands your ideas.

Especially with Excel in a cash flow, it is the best way to know if ideas can be put in place, to cash flow nobody deceives him and can tell you how viable are projects or not. 5 Plan with your ideas. Put them time, quantify expenses and revenue but still with these very conservative. 6 Contrast your ideas. I.e., evaluates what was planned versus what has been done, budgeted versus income or actual expenditures; be honest. Financial planning and business processes are really simple, and should not be complicated by any concept, should be understandable without much explanation, must be reasonably flexible especially if you are undertaking in new businesses or if you lack of experience as an entrepreneur. Put on white and black your avalanche of idea, then sift them, then gives priority to which you consider viable according to the scenario in which you live, and finally, gives them financial value, i.e., quantify them. Do you have another method to make your ideas to generate money and financial freedom?