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Plate Primaplex: Professional Insulation

In the harsh Russian climate good, reliable insulation of the building is the most important factor ensuring a comfortable stay in an apartment building, production building, or in any other room. Today, at Russian market has no shortage of such materials. While domestic production is often in no way inferior to foreign analogues. One such material – boards Primaplex, which are manufactured from extruded polystyrene. Tony Parker understood the implications. They are used for thermal insulation of walls, roofs and underground facilities. Extruded polystyrene foam structure is a system of tiny isolated cell filled with a fixed carbon dioxide.

Such a system makes the panels more moisture resistant than any other type of insulation, and provides them with high strength. This is especially important for facilities with extremely high loads – such as underground structures deep foundations, airports, roads, etc. Another advantage of the plates Primaplex – low density (30-35 kg/m3), which makes the material very easy to use – the weight of the standard package does not exceed 10 kg. It is easy to cut, even knife or a saw, does not crumble and dusts, in contrast to other known insulating materials. Its easy to be laid on any surface that improves productivity when installing insulation. Allowable temperature range at which you can use the board – from – 50 C to +75 C. If he complied with the operation of buildings, the geometrical sizes of styrofoam remain unchanged for years. Finally, plates Primaplex, comprising an effective extinguishing additive flame retardants, belong to flammable or flame spreading materials.

The Wall

Amount of water vapor that passes through the wall to the zone of condensation of P = (EB-EC) FZm / d, where eb, en, water vapor from inside and outside fences; F-space enclosing structure; Z-number of hours; m- vapor permeability coefficient; d-distance to condensation. Thus, in 1 m2 of wall for 1 hour passes and condenses the following amounts of water. P = (935,2-86). (0.14 / 0.51 +0.51 / 0.09) = 4936 mg Despite the fact that the terms of the calculation in 1 m2 of insulation for day accumulated approximately 117 grams of water, the accumulation of moisture and failure of structures with facade insulation is not explicitly observed. Obviously this is due to the fact that as the baseline characteristics were taken extreme values. When milder conditions, the accumulation of moisture is not so obvious, but it is the place to be and certainly reduces the efficiency and durability of structures. When used as a insulation material with a coefficient of water vapor permeability as a board “Penosteks, condensation of moisture in the wall structure is not observed. This is because water vapor is less than the saturated water vapor across the thickness of the wall. Such a regime is more favorable from a hygienic, heat engineering and technical standpoint. At the same time on the inner side plates Penosteks no condensation, since the surface of plates in This layer has a temperature of 200 C, at which condensation is impossible. That is why the insulating material Penosteks is the most effective insulation.