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Quiet Summer

The summer approached and Spring storms left step to radiant days. The smells of the field impregnated throughout the House. Two months ago we had moved to the cottage, was less than 10 kilometers from the city, environment was rural, fully and with wonderful landscapes, life in the city wasn’t him to Joanna, she was pregnant and now what was important was having peace of mind and get away from the pollution. I was going to have a child and on 20 July was scheduled. The news of the pregnancy of Joanna ran like wildfire among our friends, calls, emails, SMS, with the family was different, most had come to eat at House and Joanna fumbled it as if you comment on it refreshed. -Ah, I must say something, I’m pregnant. They were 7 in the evening and we were still on the table, congratulations, kisses, tears, tips, edges, toast that day ended up with the repertoire.

Life flowed placidly, we lived in the excitement of our son and we gave in the preparation of his birth. Literature, videos, lectures, everything, we become a few explorers in search of any information concerning babies, first months, feeding, diseases in the end, knowing that we were facing and be prepared for all situations that surely that would arise. One day, when they were missing less than two months for delivery, he came to visit us with Elena, the sister of Joanna and as the topic could not be otherwise, we were talking about childbirth and the day after, baby – and thus where you plan to make the list of birth? -The truth, thought advice to you, know when Maria was born, you gave us a web for gift, but I have no idea where I was the link. Mary was our niece and made less than 1 year he was born. -Ah, but if it’s very simple, if you want, look at it in a moment.

We follow it up to the computer, he sat down and entered into the Google. It moved fast with the keyboard, he wrote directly in the browser When Mary was born, I discovered this website and we make the list it and I assure you that it is worth. They also have gift cheques. That evening we dedicate it to prepare the list, and I seemed to notice a sonrisilla everytime I crossed with Elena. You should think about suckers. Secret bottle ft. Black Point I have to (Remix) WwW secret the famous bottle Toy Killao (live) @ the grill the movie premiere of Jane Goodall in Malaga and Barcelona The are ready for the arrival of the baby?