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Travel Abroad

Prenepriyatneyshaya situation – when you examine the passports at the airport on departure abroad, that exit is closed in the manner prescribed by law. It is strongly recommended in case against a national openly deal in enforcement proceedings, to check availability in advance of the decree banning the travel. The decree closed the border is a protective legal tool for the creditor against the debtor for the payment of polednim debt. Issued an executive head of production at the opening of the bankruptcy case of an individual, and at the request of the lender at the opening of the case in the enforcement proceedings. The main purpose of the issuance of the decree – not punishment of the debtor and to ensure a guaranteed payment. The lender submits a request to the head of the enforcement proceedings, which details the amount of debt situation with the redemption of debt, legal action, have been undertaken within the framework of ispolnitelnogo production, the importance of finding a debtor within the state, as well as any damage that may be caused by the debtor to the creditor when going abroad. There is no need ensure a request – no guarantee for its consideration as the executive production.

Decree on the prohibition of travel abroad in bankruptcy cases issued prior to issuance of the decree to release the bankrupt from debt obligations. The decree closed the border on other matters in the executive production of valid year with possibility of extension for a longer period. Checking decree closed the border: 1.Otpravit fax 02-5898819 in Jerusalem border police copy of the identity of the debtor. 2.Pozvonit some time on the phone 02-5429392 for an answer. Cancel an order to close the border can be achieved by the request to its abolition in the name of the head enforcement proceedings, subject to the cancellation of the presence of the argument of legitimate targets out (trip, medical treatment, etc.). Decree rolled back is usually at the time of departure. In addition, the law requires to ensure the request for repeal of the decree to close the border provision of liabilities in the form of two guarantors who sluchae no return of the debtor in Israel, themselves become a debtor in the case.