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Amy Smart

Adds McGarr, the work of Lorenz popularized as butterfly effect. Rather than two starting points give place to a development roughly equal in the future, as Lorenz and virtually every scientist of the time would have expected, those points could lead to different and unpredictable behavior in the future. John Paul Stevens addresses the importance of the matter here. The same thing happened no matter how close were the starting points. The most insignificant divergence in the initial conditions could lead to huge and unpredictable differences in the result. The work of Lorenz has since been developed and widespread, and the property was found in the typical of many nonlinear systems.

The result is the knowledge of two things. First, seemingly simple deterministic laws, in many cases give rise to fantastically complicated behaviors, which are incredibly sensitive to initial conditions – a widespread butterfly effect. This result is not due to our ignorance of the initial conditions or failure to accurately measure. Some systems are so sensitive to the initial conditions that, no matter how close are two starting points, yet their future behaviors will widely divergent at some point. This notion can be rigorously demonstrated in mathematical form. Wikipedia reminds us about this effect, that the term has been popularized to be used as an argument for articles, novels and films that mostly have little to do with the chaos theory. The black metal band MOONSPELL recorded in 1997 a CD called the butterfly effect. Jonathan Mackye Gruber and Eric Bress led to film the effect movies Butterfly (2004) and the effect Butterfly 2 (2006), the first version starring Ashton Kutcher and Amy Smart.

In both films, a subject with the ability to go back in time tries to several times improving his world but realizes that each change has more consequences than believed, giving catastrophic results. Examples other perfectly illustrated example is a writing made by Ray Bradbury, entitled sound of a thunder. Therein, some hunters traveling in time to prehistory and inadvertently account kill an insect; because of this, when they return to the present they realize that the world in which they are is totally different from that he knew in the beginning. (This story was parodied in an episode of night of witches of the Simpsons, where Homer retreated in the prehistoric time, killed an insect and when he tried to return to the future always reached a different reality). The film Spanish efecto mariposa (1995), Fernando colomo, also trafficking, since the genre of comedy, the adventures of a young lover of the Theory of chaos, of Edward Lorenz, and their consequences in personal relationships. All of this is set in the city of London original author and source of the article.