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Internet Program

As you probably noticed, the stores began to disappear with a collection of software "kryaknuty" programs. Now hard to find CDs with Photoshop or with Soundforge. The fight against copyright infringers is beginning to yield results. A fly program for rabid prices from the manufacturer with our salaries very expensive. How to be internet businessman, especially beginners who need to create and edit images, record and edit sound? I think it is quite possible to do free software. Most free software has a nasty feature – the promise, but to limit the most needed functions. Say, a free program av Music Morpher Gold Basic allows you to record and edit audio files in mp3, wma, wav, aif, there is a button in the interface with a wide range of effects can zapisyvatCD, place the disc packaging Everything looks fine at first glance. But when you start to use it, It turns out that record a sound file is longer than one minute will not work.

Pops up a polite sign: "You can write files more than 1 minute by purchasing the professional version of our program." Then discover that normalize the file is also impossible, and a set of effects operates only half. A similar situation and with other free programs such as the sound and the graphics. This is their acceptance of such advertising. We can help here is that many software vendors and in their free versions have different functions. Let me explain with an example. To work with sound best paid program is Soundforge. Of course, online businesses use far not all of its functions. The most commonly used functions: Sound recording normalization (reduction to the normal volume) Editing (deleting unnecessary parts, clicks etc.) Convert to the format you want all these function can be found separately in a few free programs.

You can record sound in the free programs: Stepvoise Recorder, Audacity, SwiffRec voice-to-Flash 1.04 (just for the record in the flash files). Normalize the audio file can be in the program Solution 11. Edit possible programs: Audacity av Music Morpher Gold Basic Soliton 11 (format only wav) Convert audio files can be in the programs: Audacity (wav, mp3) River Past Waveatmp3 2.1 (wav, mp3) ls MP3 Encoder (only mp3) OrlSoft Mpeg eXtension (mp3, mp4, wma, ogg, mpc). And it is only those programs that I know of. Get the scoop on the Internet and find more. If you still desperately need more advanced features audio program, you can use free for a month "clever" programs on the sites or. But what to replace Photoshop? And the schedule is sufficiently many good free programs. Let me remind you about the two. Program Serif Photo Plus 6.0 has the same design as that of Photoshop, only instruments are much smaller. Program gimp Portable 2.2.13 I like the previous one. In addition, it can be used from its stick on any computer. If you want to download the free programs mentioned, type their name into Google and you will be given sites of manufacturers. Usually there registration is required. Do not use during registration Cyrillic and specify real email, on which you send an email with a link. Of course, the use of free software often leads to loss of time, sometimes for money. The choice is yours – to pay or not pay.