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Politics and More

I call it the policy of step-by-step, which is harmless to carry out reforms for the greatest number, then it divides the contrary within classes (even though they are divided and powerless) as those of officials, employees, public, private, etc.), but it does not show. With this, we finally reach our goals, whatever the political parties, either single or bilateral. We just have to keep this most often in power, but if a party takes power and begins to alter the draft system, we’ll have to go all the small steps. A fairly slow, since it bypasses the popular inertia by moving slowly, so that she becomes aware of what is happening. And as always, with a charismatic speaker and gifted, you get achievements. And there are examples history: Hitler, Stalin, etc..

But the rapidity of indoctrination, they had to resort to force: imprisonment, etc..

For us today, much disputed, but insufficiently constrained, use this method to reliably and simply go to their purposes. In addition, I am of those who think we live in the free world, we can not live in the world opposed. But to say that this is massively totalitarian, must not be in this totalitarianism, because we tend to see what one wants to hear and our notion of good coming off that hard from that given by the Education and So by the company. So those who think inside a totalitarian system can not be very many and the challenge here, therefore, the dilemma in a world unified in a way, because there is no real division and therefore comparison in this free except between past and present. And so I concluded, for all those who hear it do not mourn the death of a system, and we created too much instability to continue. And he must prepare to fight future together, if not … the shadows re-materialization again without charismatic this time and therefore they produce more death than before, last longer and definitely establishing what we do not want to see.