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Easy Online Ordering Food – Easy And Free: Mjam.NET Makes It Possible

New delivery service search engine facilitates the convenient food delivery home or to the Office faster hunger. Nothing at home. Well, if one has a delivery service at your fingertips. But what if you can’t find the flyer, the favorite Italian grade already has or is not quite the professional photos of supply chains trust? For dining options, there are delivery services in every city. But so far was time-consuming and tedious searching, finding and ordering just for larger orders and often missing something then upon delivery or a roast pork has become miraculously from the vegetarian lasagna. But it is also different. For now, the right delivery service can be found on ordered removal, quality, kitchen, dishes, sorted according to opening hours and quality criteria.

It is a simple, intuitive user interface and at the end you can see black and white”, what exactly has been appointed. Actress may help you with your research. No telephone inquiries, no confusion at the delivery. Maiga is the new, better delivery service for Europe. The portal now exists more recently in Vienna, now continues to grow offering cities and restaurants. Almost daily, new delivery services are added after Berlin, Hamburg, Cologne, Bonn, Munich, Dusseldorf, Regensburg, Nuremberg now. Now, Mjam.NET will start a new round of Internet order was group ordering has never been so easy as now. Choose food, enter name and provides the site the subtotals ever hungry users clearly dar as can also the subsequent payment nothing go wrong. Ingeniously simple and finally available.

Since 2008 a highly motivated team of professionals working the food order in the Internet, as simple, intuitive, easy and transparent to make as possible. This it has dealt intensively with the people, who are hungry. What makes Maihong different? Portal operator Angelo Laub: We know the problem, because we have often travelled and had to choose in unknown cities from a variety of offers, without knowing: how long does the delivery take? How far is it from here? When does it close? Is the restaurant as good or reliable? And it still open?” For this reason, Maiga has created the portal on. The Portal automatically detects Wi-Fi where the user is. And it shows those from all restaurants in the delivery area, which have still open. And that first the most popular for the specific user profile. So you experienced any surprises and is the fastest his delicious food – no matter whether one lives always nearby or is just about to place. But Maiga can do even more. It notifies the user via SMS if the order in the selected restaurant successfully arrived and will allow for selected restaurants in the future also to track of the delivery itself. Maiga offers group orders for companies and facilitates the lunch break even with different tastes or helps overtime to survive. It costs nothing to the user. Only the restaurants pay a small Commission on sales from the 2nd month. Delivery services may contact fax the + 43 1 92 81 136 in Vienna or 0180 5 – 00-290-632 in Germany or preferably by email with their menu in the Maiga GmbH apply. Longer it takes for the time being not to accept orders over the Internet.

Fireworks Art

Culinary art – a Festival of the senses, which on Saturday, October 24th at the five star travel charme Kurhaus BINZ was aligned culinary art – a Festival of the senses, which was set up on Saturday, October 24th at the five star travel charme Kurhaus BINZ and culinary delights and combined artistic top performances in a unique way. It was celebrated in the spa room which radiates the spirit of fashionable balls and unforgettable evenings of theater with two tiers and side galleries under the huge Maria Theresa chandelier with its hand-cut crystal. Among the participants of the event were many members of the B2B friends lifestyle Club. After complaints, they had come to enjoy the beautiful sides of life and to take advantage of the network of B2B friends lifestyle Club for new business contacts or maintaining existing business relationships. Malte Behrmann, kitchen Director of the travel charme Kurhaus BINZ, and his team had a varied and at the same time coherent five-course menu created.

This recommended four well-known German Vintners wines. “When the walking dessert” guests cost promenierend by the dessert and coffee and tea variety. And the sense was whom to fine champagne, was also found. Where food meets art: During the meal, the award-winning Trapeze and tightrope walker t & Frida enchanted the guests about their heads with fabulous and imaginative performances. The trio walk on by”making music around walked among the tables and musical star Henriette Grawwert (Les Miserables, I was York never new) burnt down in entertainment Fireworks. As so often pass the beautiful hours particularly quickly.

The members of the B2B friends lifestyle Club were impressed by this evening. No wonder, because common enjoying and exceptional performances: new business relationships emerge as by the way.