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Yacht Club

But of particular interest for most tourists is the private sector, with its cozy rooms and shady patios in a small mini-hotels and guest houses. Mini-hotel "Lisa" Tel. +79182423331, (86133) 58098 is located in the heart of the city of Anapa on ul.Novorossiyskoy 55 and, at the intersection with the street. Lenin. To the central area of 3 minutes on foot. Follow others, such as Adam Sandler, and add to your knowledge base.

To the beach 3 blocks of 400-500 m. The rooms with tv, air conditioners, refrigerators. At 1 floor kitchen and dining room. where have all the cooking stove and microwave oven, bbq. At 2 and 3 floors of cozy rooms.

Bathrooms have a block of 3 rooms and rooms with private bathrooms. You can order a sauna, use the laundry service, international telephone and Internet. It offers guests parking and a green courtyard with tables under an awning, swing. In the hotel you can take advantage of energoterapevta, be diagnosed bodies pulse and take a massage on a unique massage beds Korean firms 'CERAGEM'. Next round the clock, grocery stores, bus and taxi, the promenade, many cafes, a park, water park, scuba clubs Navigation Yacht Club, markets, music halls, where are the stars of Russian and foreign music. We organize excursions and treatment in the best homes. Meet the train and airplane. Photo album, booking and other details on site: and really want to give some advice to help you avoid trouble and held on the Black Sea vacation for a long time to leave a good impression. If you are traveling on vacation in Anapa and you are offered the services of selection home straight on the train or the train station, then think carefully before agreeing! As a rule, taking a hasty decision, you get away from your desires accommodation.

Archaeological Museum In Athens

National Archaeological Museum of Athens is the largest museums in the country and a major center for the study of ancient Greek culture. The Museum was founded in the late 19 th century. Today the museum occupies the neo-classical mansion in the street Patison. The most ancient exhibits of the museum are finds of the Neolithic, which were discovered in various parts of Greece. Neolithic people lived longer in the caves, and in the organized settlements. While the basic form economy have been breeding and agriculture. People used stone and bone tools to cultivate the land, building, spinning and weaving.

An important part of the prehistoric collection consists of items Cycladic civilization. So-called civilization, which shaped and dominated the Cyclades from the beginning of the third millennium and the end of February – the third millennium bc Cycladic culture is very distinctive, with unique to her original appearance. The white marble of the island of Paros Cyclades islands inhabitants were made vessels and figurines idols. These idols are the most characteristic feature of Cycladic art. They have been simplified, but sought and most properly convey the proportions of the human body. The pearl of Cycladic art are the frescoes from the island of Tyre.

During the excavations conducted near the town of Akrotiri on the island of Tyre, was discovered a huge prehistoric city. The walls of houses of this city were decorated with frescoes. Today the museum is an entire exhibit, which is devoted to digging the city. The most brilliant collection of the museum is its collection of Mycenaean. In the Mycenaean hall of the museum, visitors can see a mask of pure gold, jewelry, rings with images of different subjects, Mycenaean swords with hilt of gold, statues made of ivory. Are very rich collection of sculptures of the archaic and classical periods. Of the most impressive exhibits include a statue of Poseidon. The statue was found in the sea near the island of Euboea. The product is dated 450 bc year, and its creator was, likely, the famous sculptor Kalamis. Also, you can select the bronze sculpture of a boy from the island Antikira and magnificent bronze statue of the . The collection is complemented by many fine statues and relief from Epidaurus, Ramnunda and other places in Greece. Another great exhibit of the museum – a statue of Athena Varvikon. This is a small copy of the statue of Athena by Phidias, one that stood in the Parthenon until it was taken to Constantinople. National Archaeological Museum houses and other interesting collections, such as the collection of small bronzes and Egyptian collection.


It’s true that McDonald’s isn’t the healthiest of restaurants. But these days the chain is modernizing and understand the demand for healthier food options. Few people know that fast food was not invented in America and not a good McDonald’s uncle, and poor peasants in Sicily. The very first “hamburger” was Guastelle – closed sandwich with ham, cheese and lettuce. (He is now sold at every turn and in every corner of Sicily). Yes indeed and the whole kitchen in Italy – can be described by a single phrase, “find that there is in the house and the skin is in a heap.” Of course, it is very exaggerated, but almost true – the kitchen created the peasants, who had a Hunk of bread and a couple of vegetables grown in the garden, or a pair of fishes, which failed to catch in the sea. That came up with 10 dishes of the same product – and not too expensive and there are nicer. Oh, and then there are different sauces and additives, which are simple but tasty food made at all surprisingly tasty. An ancient philosopher said that the islanders eat and drink as if to die tomorrow.

What is more applicable to Sundays, when dinner is going all a big family and prepare meals 5-6, plus sweets. However, with Italian cuisine is not surprising – the famous pizza snapped up in every corner of the world, let alone the local distinctive taste. How to make pasta in Italy It is an art, it’s a long story! There is simply pasta is Pasta with anything, and depending on that “something” tastes in food are so different that to call both dishes pasta often just the language does not rotate! Recall also the wine. Most good things in Sicily and in the region of Venice. Although the Italians, unlike the Russians, prefer dry and semidry wines, not sweet. And if you take to lunch jar house wine – there will be a holiday, and for the stomach and – Sicilian wines are cheap and of good quality And in Sicily did not find the exact same recipes – in each city, what’s really out there – each mistress – has his own secrets of culinary art.

Medieval Town Of Turku

The Medieval town of Turku is the oldest city in the state. Right from the start of the famous archipelago with tens of thousands of islands with rocky shores to the . Many who are here arrives, an indelible impression on the sun shimmering sea with its incomparable with anything comparable flavors, cozy cove cottages with red-purple color with beige rims, as well as trees, twisted by the sea wind. Not simply the archipelago called ‘the most beautiful on the planet. ” To the archipelago of Turku you can through systematic ferry transport, and there ride the bike or by car on highway tutoshnim, charming environment beauty! In 2004, the city of Turku is celebrating its birthday.

Walking along the bank of the river , you will see almost all municipal attractions ranging from medieval cathedral to the castle of Turku, as well as have the opportunity to spend time in a cute little cafes and restaurants are located along the coast and enjoy the opening views. For younger guests located near Turku ‘Moomin-world’, Naantali. This adorable place for children around the world. This is a fantastic country, created a fantasy artist and writer Tove Jansson – an amazing little world, built in, including from the jam and fritters. Here, real live mummy-trolley and welcomes guests your friends!