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Levi Strauss

We must be close enough to understand the back story. If we really want to learn from one another, we must be close enough to hear them breathe. Nano Lessons Leaders in our profession have made thousands of tiny decisions that, in combination, have allowed them to operate at high levels. To function also we must understand their value system and how they came to make those choices. This is how successful leaders of the past learned to be successful. – Benjamin Franklin served as an apprentice with his brother James to learn the printing trade. The success of Franklin with a printer later financed his flight to the comet and political enterprises. – James Lick was the richest man in California when he died in 1876.

He learned the art of creating pianos of his father, and the domain of the Licking of those skills was the cornerstone in building his fortune. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Jorge Perez. – Levi Strauss learned the clothing business working side by side next to his older brothers Louis and Jonas in New York City. Six years later he moved to San Francisco to open the shop, and soon found an opportunity to apply what he knew to make a rough trousers for gold miners. Go to the Source The words a leader uses, and the acts they do are only clues to how they think. Each person has a historical perspective and point of view, or lens, they tend to look the world in which they work. Unless you to get close enough to hear a top leader of breath, you will never have the opportunity to learn and distinguish those things. As a thought leader is the key to understanding how they take in information, address, and sending it as encouragement.

Until you understand the source of what they say and do, you miss the key ingredient that will allow you to duplicate its successful operation. Senior leaders in any area of expertise requires years to acquire and apply what they know to function at maximum levels. Be patient. A need for speed loss success. Invest the time to build relationships and learn from the best, and allow the breath that is in its natural pace. Do not rush or you hyperventilate and feel dizzy. Let go of the e-mail and Internet, and fix it for spending long periods of time working alongside the leaders who you want to learn. Breathe the same air enough and one day you will find others eager to doubling its excellence as well.