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Your Summary

In the short time that recruiters can devote to your resume, do not distract them too much information that is not directly connected with the work for which you are applying for. Set the "linguistic communication" between what the recruiter is looking for and what he has on his desk, that is, Your Summary. Do not necessarily write about their physical abilities, parents, zodiac sign, list your many hobbies and interests (when you only have time to work?), Books and favorite musicians. Do not take away a recruiter in away from the core. More present the facts and biographies of the production at least – personal.

This will show that your life is focused more on work than on leisure. It is not necessary to expound in detail his autobiography, details related to your childhood or the history of your marriage. If you are so important to own a car, house, three kids, fishing, etc., that you dare to tell it in a production resumes, the employer will think that work for you – not the point. He did not want to get a job to schedule your event or travel. At the end of the summary is sufficient to list their hobbies 3.2. Good to be active hobbies (eg sports, hiking, dancing) than household (cottage, fishing, hunting).

One should not be too frank and point out some of their habits … Quotes: "Interests: traveling, crosswords, puzzles, beautiful girls," "higher education, teacher incomplete. Gone with 3 courses, as I do not like getting up early.