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Economic Development

This is especially important to consider if the project begins on borrowed money. Build a schedule of loan repayment in the hope that the money in cash will flow steadily – this folly. – The new agency may be a failure of any month – says Paul Hops. – On regular customers in the first two seasons of work, however. The sales volume is highly dependent on the quantity and quality of advertising, which requires high costs. – In 90% of the new agency in February there situation where the money will not entirely – warns Marina Kulakov. – We'll have something urgent to invent: to offer their services at random classmates, fellow at the institute. If you are lucky, earn at least $ 300 dollars, prepay rent for March and will endure.

In fact, chances to survive the winter much more, if we begin to fully operate in April: the speculative demand for trips during the May holidays can make good money. Prepare your tour in the winter, but to start in spring training to the opening of the agency should begin in the fall. If you go to a specialized firm, then about two weeks, you can register a legal entity. For at least another month goes by license. By now the regulations licensing travel agencies The Ministry of Economic Development and Trade. In small agencies, are not candidates for a serious game on the market is likely to serious problems with it not arise. Much more serious procedure that would require a large red tape – a certificate confirming that the services you provide, consistent with established standards of quality.