So I had

So I had to start performing other work, in restaurants, one bar and another type of “cold calls” among other things, still searching for something on my own. Months passed and I realized I needed to specialize a bit more, so I had to start looking for “something” to study. I looked at graduate, masters, MBA, until I found some training courses on-line marketing, “Course Google Ad Words”, “Google Analytics Course” and “Positioning Web Seminar“. I decided to make the 3, I spent more than 800 and in a couple of weeks I had some little cards and much more advanced notions on online advertising, a topic that is quite developed in Spain, where investment in this medium grows and Despite the growing crisis. That was how soon after found work as account manager for an online clothing company, where I could experiment and develop what is learned in these courses. Certainly for me it was a great success having made these specializations, because with a small investment I could make enough profit.

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