Libraries Online 1.BOOKS (didactic-educational) Professor intuitive. Atkinson, Terry / Claxton, Guy The reflective practitioner. Sch n 1992 The creative teacher, creative classroom, a teacher training experience from the perspective of creativity. Authors: Luis Alberto Garcia Garcia, Antonio Rodriguez The art in school. Commen parler d’art aux enfants. Barbel-Gall Fran oise The art gallery HANDBOOK. Tate Publishing Il piccolo artist. Sally Warner Read the paint. Nadeije Laneyrie-Dagen How to look at a painting. S. Woodfort Com pl stica analitzar a work. M. Balada The plaer looking. E. Bosch 2.BOOKS specific and museology museology Museograf a didactic. Joan Santacana. N ria Serrat Criteria for developing the museum plan. Ministry of Culture Museum pedagogy. Imma Pastor. Interaktion und Dialog im Museum. Franziska D rr Spaces away. Alfonso Mu oz Le Mus e en Herbe

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