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Karate. Basic principles of karate: Form and Balance – Karate requires maximum concentration. Maximum use of resources of the human body and its physiology. Constant training to ensure that the form student. Stability is required in the performance of Geri (kicks) and Tsuki (punching).

In addition, karate is often necessary to stand on one leg in the attack or defense. With the proper placement of the center of gravity (feet – far away from each other and the center of gravity low) strike out much stronger. Strength and speed. Power of Karate is not in the muscles, and the maximum concentration of efforts in the moment of impact hitting the target. Furthermore, the speed does not affect the force of impact no less.

Look films) The concentration of power. Punches and kicks are weak, if only to beat the hand or foot. To achieve maximum strength is necessary to use concentration of all parts of the body simultaneously. When do you blow power from the center of the body from the core muscles of course the end of hand or foot. Training. Need a good preparation to perform in the minimum time the three most important elements: the use of force at the right time, to control quickness in receptions and receiving from the reception to smoothly move the body from one reception to the next. Abdomen and thighs. Coaches modern sports have consistently pointed out that the maximum force in any movement can be embedded with hips. In Japan, this aspect of paying attention to the very early stages of learning. This area is particularly important because there are, according to Japanese ideas, focus the human spirit, and this area provides a foundation of strength and equilibrium. Learning karate, each dealing with a very individual basis. Everyone who came to the club chooses itself what direction should he go. Perform the entire program Kyokushin Karate, which includes possession of basic technique, physical preparation (condition, stretching and power), moral psychology (the elements of meditation) kata and sparingovaya appliances (includes mandatory participation in tournaments at different levels) – to master a very difficult and not all under force. Karate training is a unique way of learning and mastering a martial art. Coach-mentor-teacher – should not consider their group as a mass. He must feel every student, to his ability, desires and vozmozhnosti.nuzhno able to awaken an interest in karate, like art, love and go no easy way of Kyokushin Karate. For more specific information, check out Movie Star. here is the main problem of learning karate, but the results are not in competition.

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