Portico of Charity

Humans have a tendency to consider the center torah of the universe. A hub around which everything revolves, the absolute center, this is our person. zohar The rabbi truth is that some day perish: to be and let be. And on that day so feared by many, and perhaps tragic for some of us, no day will be different from the others for the rest of the world. Life would have continued as if merkavah it never existed. Nothing have changed in the universe before, during or after our existence. And nothing left of us except a faint memory in those who loved us. god It is the largest of the three, and is dedicated to Jesus. Pretending to be the Portal de Belen, develops a series of scenes about the birth of Jesus: the Annunciation, the Adoration of the Kings, the Adoration of the shepherds and the israeli Coronation of Mary, the two are the work of jews Joaquim adorations Ros i Bofarull (1981 -1982). You are the star of Bethlehem and the signs of judaism the zodiac, willing as they were the night that Jesus was born, as well as angel musicians (with traditional instruments: harp, hebrew bassoon, violin, and popular guitar, bagpipe and tambourine), the lamb as a symbol of innocence, the dog as a symbol of fidelity and the 59 accounts of the rosary around religious the chabad window.
At the Gate bible of Jesus is tree of life the great pillar with the pedigree of Jesus, at its base is the snake biting the apple, the sefirot symbol of original sin, and the capital is located on the group’s birth, by Jaume Busquets (1958). Angels Children Choir, destroyed in the Civil War, was made again by Etsuro Sotoo. The Angels hold an inscription which reads: Natus est Jesus. Venite, kabbalistic adoremus, whose message to the birds go on foot of the crib, according to the popular Christmas carol catalan El cannot muslim dels ocells (the birds).
The portico leads to the Tree of Life, which represents the triumph of the life and legacy of Jesus. Here islamic we find the logo with the letters JHS Jesus (of Jesuchristus) in a cross with the Greek letters alpha and omega, as spiritual a symbol of the beginning and end. the first person you should go for spirituality needs is to Is an amazing experience It is surrounded by angels and qabalah angels synagogue bearing censers of bread and wine, symbols of the Eucharist. Find a logo on the pelican, primitive Christian symbol that also represents the Eucharist, a symbol of the egg source and fullness of nature. Upstream are two staircases and ascension to God, and a cypress tree, which symbolizes eternal life, with a group of doves representing the faithful who come to God. Finally, we find a representation of the Holy Trinity, with the Greek letter tau, the initial of God’s name in Greek, the cross of judaica Jesus and the dove of the Holy Spirit.

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