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Edith Stein was born kabbalistic in the German city of Wroclaw (today Wroc’aw, Poland and historically, in German, Wroclaw) within a Jewish family, the day of Yom Kippur. It was the last of a total of eleven children. His father was a timber occult merchant, and died when Edith was about two years.
In 1911 admission to the University of Wroclaw, where he sepher began studying German and history. In the times in college, she became interested in civil rights for women, such as the right to vote.
In 1913 he entered the University of G ttingen, where he studied philosophy. Attracted by the phenomenology, became a disciple of the famous philosopher Edmund Husserl. He published his doctoral thesis as “On the problem of empathy”, which caused his tree of life early philosophical program. After his thesis, are the letters “Sentient Causality” and “Individual and Community,” which seeks to justify spirituality philosophically the new emerging psychology. The last work for his first term is “an inquiry into the state,” summit of its project to develop a phenomenological anthropology of man that goes binah to the person as a unique community.
Within this first stage in his philosophical thought, It is also worth highlighting his book “Introduction to Philosophy.” Although not properly belonging to the cycle and previous works is difficult cataloging, is a highly original work. It discovered major problems scholem of philosophy of nature: the movement, the concepts of time and space is an object or material and physical. In dialogue with Kant and Husserl, and by demonstrating judaica deep knowledge of hard sciences jewish mysticism of his time (physics, biology, philosophy of science) Edith Stein establishes a fundamental difference between the problems of the nature and problems of subjectivity. From the second part (to study subjectivity), to make an anthropology itself and highlight the characteristics of man as freedom, conscience, and ability. In this book speak of the structures of the personality and the letter will serve as a preamble to his later work: “The structure of the human person”, a course she taught at the Institute for Scientific red string Pedagogy in M nster, Westphalia (1932/33).
In G torah ttingen, for qabalah the meditation first time is about Christianity and the First World War in 1914, Edith admission to study a nursing course and served as a nurse in an Austrian hospital.
The hospital where he religion served was closed in 1916, Edith and resume his philosophical studies with Husserl, and obtained his doctorate from Freiburg.
Several of the philosophers cabala were disciples of Husserl converted to Christianity. In 1921, visiting the house 72 names of god of Hedwig Conrad-Martius, a disciple of Husserl, in Bergzabern Edith visits the library and read the autobiography of St. Teresa of Avila. According to the Edith (who later would confess), this work was crucial to its ultimate conversion to Christianity. In January 1922, Edith was baptized, and February 2 of that year, got the confirmation.
Since his conversion to Christianity began a new stage in his philosophical thought. Be devoted to intense study of the works of Aquinas and judaism Blessed Duns Scotus. Without denying its infancy zohar as strictly phenomenologist Husserl, philosophy and based his first philosophical works of anthropology, write “Akt und Potenza” a first book of metaphysics and ontology in a dialogue with the thought of her friends and Walter Gehrden phenomenologist Hedwig Conrad-Martius. This book is a thorough study about the first principles of kabala metaphysics as the act and the power that will reveal these in humans.
Write later “be jewish finite and eternal being” (Endlicher und Sein Ewiges), his greatest work, which developed a metaphysics based on the philosophy of Santo Tomas and the phenomenology of Husserl, is therefore one of the last original Thomistic the history of philosophy. However, a serious kabbala error pigeonhole thinking of Stein as a reformulated Thomism. She manages to generate, especially in the sphere of ‘philosophical anthropology’, a highly original and thought that due to the great prejudice of philosophers Secularists, it has not been given a place in the history of philosophy.
In 1932, after giving courses and lectures on the topic of women and education, he entered the convent of the Discalced Carmelites of Wroclaw, where the habit of making such an order, under the name Sister Teresa Benedicta of the Cross. Upon arrival of the Nazis to power, the Carmelites are mystical trying to avoid arrest, which is transferred to kaballah the Caramel of Cologne and later in 1938, is sent to the Caramel of Echt (Netherlands), which seems out of danger by not being knowledge of the population or the occupying Germans.
However, as a reprisal for the German ministry of the bishops against euthanasia practiced by the Nazis, was arrested on 2 gematria August 1942 by the Gestapo along with his fellow convent (which include her sister Rosa, also become to Catholicism), and performed other religious men and women to the concentration camp of Amersfoort.

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