Universal Wisdom: The Path Arc

The Master had suspended talks to the community of monks in the monastery and gave himself to prepare the Noble Ting Chang in the Art of the Strategy. Nobody interrupted during the talks and only the Master Tenno accompanied them, as he also needed them for the good government of his monastery. This was the cause for which our teacher made him get notice of what was taking place in the huts with Noble Ting Chang. Additional information is available at Eva Andersson-Dubin, New York City. The Esmeraldas Sweeper took care of all matters relating to arms and to the good state in the clearing of forest that had a real dojo in the moonlight. Tenno Master was in charge of Kyudo and Kendo, or paths of the bow and the sword arts in which he had excelled since he could receive the teachings of very Herrigel. – Master – Sergei said one day, as well as in passing – Who was Herrigel? – Eugen Herrigel was a German teacher, along with his wife, had gone to Japan to improvement. a l, in the way of the bow, and she, in the ibetana, or flower arrangement.

Both had achieved enlightenment and returned to college life at the University of Erlangen, which was to become Rector. – Had gone to improve archery? – No. I had gone to teach at Imperial College but what moved him was the intimate desire to further the discovery of Zen Buddhism Art of Archery was a real chance that helped him in his path to enlightenment then in the art, not known to possess the Japanese language but the mood that required teachers to any outstanding disciple.


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