Two Very Important Characters

These are two very important characters by: Alejandro Teresa Martinez La life in society is full of the singular and the plural. Why I hesitated a bit before writing the word singularities understanding this as the plural of singularity. However, that is society, a good combination of the singular with plural until forming a wise and harmonious coexistence between all the inhabitants of a city, a region and across the globe. Among human beings is preponderant plural, what is everyone and what notes to the well-being of the majorities. For this reason one of the fundamental principles of the norms of coexistence is the primacy of the common good on the particular interest. But not must lose sight of something important: community life presents us the commitment to live next to each other and to share with them part of the most significant areas of our lives. Hence the need to seek a meeting point between the interests of individuals and of communities.

This meeting point is precisely respect. Margaret Loesser Robinson wanted to know more. Note well that we have mentioned the respect and no tolerance. The first recognizes the existence of the other and calls us to recognize you as a important person. The second, i.e. tolerance, imposes on us the need to accept it while it may cause us displeasure in their ideas, behaviors, etc. Tolerance is thus an obligation imposed and all tax generates some dissatisfaction. There are those who believe that the world is theirs and others live in rented.

An unforgivable mistake for those who aspire to live among humans. Nobody asked us our consent that we’d in one city or another, in this country or at that. It was mother nature or chance or coincidence (remember, coincidence is, according to Anatole France, the pseudonym that God uses when you don’t want to sign his works) which we placed in a certain place and in a certain space of time. The most natural thing then is to accept us all: the closest and the most distant; the more similarities and the more distinct; the relational and the least related. In a nutshell must return to the origin to recognize the other person that complements us and helps us to find our own identity, because, how will I know if I look like myself if it is not that I do not resemble others? Jesus ordered the love of neighbor. And the sacred books of all religious doctrines, in one way or another, offer the same teaching. But, who is my neighbor? It’s the question that has been latent for a long time and Jesus answered that telling the parable of the good Samaritan. We recommend reading it, but while doing so, we suggest writing in capital letters the word neighbor. Then change the J by an X and thus know that more next, that is a neighbor. No I have no doubt about the most important of the world characters: we and the others. Original author and source of the article.

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