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The company “Edaya” offers its clients services such as passenger transport, auto repair and car wash trucks and buses. If you want to get together and go on holiday, if you need a guaranteed and fast bring your team to the object, finally, if you – the leader of the creative team and your team going on tour, but you do not know how convenient and advantageous to organize a trip – you have come to the right place. No matter where and on Why you need to go. Bus passengers – it is our job. We are ready to take you to any region of Russia, within the city and region you realized delivery from door to door. Related Group is often mentioned in discussions such as these. As part of this services such as transport of passengers by road passenger transport is possible both in Russia and abroad. Passenger traffic carried in vans, buses, large (110 seats) and very large (140 seats) capacity. This is such brands as PAZ Aurora, Golden Dragon, Ford Transit, gazelle – a general account of 60 units of rolling stock.

In addition to the services of bus passenger services and passenger transportation by road, “Edaya” performs auto repair. Auto service includes truck repair, repair of buses, the company also organizes car wash trucks and buses. In auto repair, along with a variety of services, information on which it is placed in the “repair” of our site includes repair of diesel engines and transmissions. Car repair involves a truck repair and maintenance of domestic manufacturers of buses and bus maintenance and truck repair foreign production. In stock company, you will find a large selection of spare parts and components for the automotive aftermarket. In connection with the expansion of passenger transportation, repair, bus, car and truck Bus and truck repair, the company buys and sells buses. We are interested in not only new and refurbished buses. Due to increased activities in the field of “auto repair” the company will be glad to consider offer to buy or sell second-hand buses.

On our website under “services” you can learn about our services for passengers, car repair, car truck, bus repair and repair of trucks, ask any question on our phone and in the “application” to order directly from your computer.

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