The Removal

As in the breathing methods used by or Hindu yogis, the most important part of breathing lies in exhaling, the time spent on the removal of air from the lungs, because in order to fully fill the lungs, it is first necessary to empty them of everything and the more air enters the lungs, more oxygen gets into your bloodstream and therefore to the brain. (Similarly see: Tony Parker). As a case study will discuss an example of abdominal breathing with some approximate times in each sequence. 1U – Inspire (try to inspire slowly and deeply to completely fill the lungs and abdomen, this sequence can be performed within a period of 4-6 seconds, according to the size or capacity of each cage). 2U – Keep the air in the lungs (It is recommended to retain the air naturally, if possible 4 seconds, leading to an effort) 3U – Exhale (This is the most important part of the cycle, should try to release the air very slowly, as slow as possible without imposing strain. A minimum of 8 seconds or until they are emptied fully the lungs and abdomen).

4U – Waiting time before returning to inspire. (We recommend 4 seconds). With this simple method will get access to a relaxation, if the pace is not made so uncomfortable for us, so it is advisable, in the first few times until you achieve the ideal pace, making breathing at the pace that our body can done without any effort or discomfort. In this first exercise, practice breathing then we will, together with other techniques, to enter into the subtle world of the shaman.


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