The Federation

Today requires a new profile of the Manager, an administrator with vision strategist, innovative, creative a true managerial leader that may lead to develop, give way to one profile according to the reality of the moment, where his school really play the role that is needed to strengthen what the administrator represents, what this professional is to ensure an effective performancea collaboration that allows them to contribute their knowledge, experiences. He is needed to fight by the power of the profession, not just by their integration, but also to achieve better levels in the managerial area, so it makes missing a revision of its principles, objectives and goals. Already enough of demagogy, of passivity, of play passively, always resting on the members of the same directive which for years has kept, giving way to power groups, people who have many years on the same charges without providing results that demonstrate the expected performance, that you can see the changes, and if some are given are more in favour of individual achievements that Guild. Contact information is here: jason iley. It shows little trade activity where the College should disclose their achievements, having an excellent website that discloses the events, news that update its members on the new modern managerial topics, what College does for business development and other activities where this involved administrator is perceived still to institutional and organizational level a clear lack of culture focused on the Guild service through a digital magazine, for what it says is that, in terms of marketing, the Bachelor of Administration is a dissatisfied customer. This fact expressed it publicanmente at a seminar the Professorship of Venezuelan of the school of administration management problems, when it was said, that according to the results of the College in their activities at that time, was clearly perceived its passivity, played role, becoming is a factor of discouragement to the point at which colleges do not comply with the payment of their assessed contributionsa deficit balance in the accounts of the Federation to exist. . Official site: Sela Ward.

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