Terri Schiavo

Theresa Marie Schiavo (December 3, 1963 ” March 31, 2005), better known as Terri Schiavo was an American woman in irreversible vegetative state opened a heated debate on issues such as euthanasia, bioethics, legal guardianship, federalism, and civil group health rights in their country.
On 25 February 1990, due to a heart attack, probably caused by a severe bulimia and a lack of protein in the diet, suffered very serious brain damage that left her in a vegetative state for life, maintaining this through a connection a machine that was supplying intravenous feeding.
After staying off for fifteen days of that equipment, serving a warrant, and after a sharp healthcare plan discussion over fundamental values that cross borders, died in the Florida Suncoast Hospital, located in Florida, because of starvation.
Theresa Marie Schindler (his original name, in memory of St. Teresa of Avila), daughter of Robert and Mary Schindler, spent his youth in the Huntingdon Valley area, located in Lower Moreland Township, Pennsylvania. Was particularly interested in the animals, having a pet hamsters and some domestic poultry. Upon entering high school, suffered excessive weight gain, reaching group insurance the 114 kilos. However, achieving lower them enlisting in a program to combat obesity, which will provoke a serious eating disorder.
One year after graduating in 1982, knows insurance that her future husband, Michael Schiavo, in a kind of sociology of Bucks County Community College in Newtown. insurance plans After leaving for five months, made a commitment of marriage, which materialized on 10 November 1984. Two years later, she moved to St. Petersburg, Florida, also moved their parents three months later. After spending 15 years in a vegetative state by a heart attack due to a sudden drop of potassium in your body caused apparently by small business insurance a strict diet who followed in his eagerness to lose weight, was off by their doctors for support machine alive and died on health March 31, 2005
First signs
Schiavo began working as an insurance agent, and her husband as a restaurant manager. the best insurance plan can be found with is a health insurance provideroffers a variety of health insurance packagesis an innovative health insurance service companycan reduce your payment on health insurancehas one of the best health insurance plans Both friends and coworkers, Terri began to miss some of their behaviors, such as the fact that after every meal if she is excused to go to the bathroom. Although her husband was aware of this situation, never weighed the real danger health plan involved to the health of dental insurance your spouse.
Already in 1989, Schiavo began to visit a gynecologist and request to initiate treatment to conceive children. However, Terri’s weight health plans had aetna health fallen to just 49 kilos, and her menstrual cycle had stopped. Inexplicably, the doctor insurance companies did not request the conduct of tests or the patient’s medical history, which would have immediately unveiled feeding family medical insurance problems.
Triggering the crisis
On 25 February 1990, at 5:30 in the morning, Schiavo collapses in a hallway outside his apartment. Her husband wakes up aetna insurance alarmed and immediately called emergency services and the family of his wife. Terri had suffered a heart attack, and awaiting the arrival of medical attention, her brain suffered a heavy loss of oxygen. Despite efforts to revive her, individual insurance they were completely unsuccessful, since he had entered a coma.
To keep her alive, she was connected to a mechanical ventilator, he underwent a tracheotomy and a gastric endoscopy, percutaneous (PEG), which by a pump would keep nourished and hydrated. Two and half months later, Schiavo went out of his coma in the Humana Northside Hospital, but never regained medical insurance consciousness, nor showed any signs of higher cortical functions. humana insurance

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