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David Cameron

I just had a brief meeting with David Cameron. According to polls new British Prime Minister should be for June 2010 and therefore who govern the country during the Olympics London 2,012. In circumstances in which the recession makes conservatives are losing power in the United States, become weak in France and Germany and retreat in Latin America, Cameron is emerging as the leader who would become the oldest conservative party return to power and that more time has ruled the world. After that the triumph of Blair produced the tories to change 5 times leader in less than a decade and that these lost 3 consecutive general elections to labour (something unprecedented in the 330 years that have), Cameron managed to give a new image to your movement. If you would like to know more then you should visit Eva Andersson-Dubin. Party centenary who was an architect of the greatest Ultramarine Empire of history and then global privatization revolution was renewed with a young 40s. He relaunched to conservatism by moving it from the right hard toward a centrism pro-ecologia and pro-beneficios families and parents with newborn babies. If Thatcher began the offensive that demolished the Soviet Union and the State of social benefits in 1979-80, Cameron could lay the foundations for a new more social conservatism. Original author and source of the article.. Learn more on the subject from san-antonio-spurs.