Strategy Consulting Strategic

Strategy Consulting Strategic Plans are usually implemented through the contributions of the Strategy Consulting. In this sense there are two categories of providers of these services: 1 – Independent Professionals: They tend to be graduates of careers related to the Administration, which assists businesses to develop them. The main benefit is the agility to develop it and the main problem is the lack of structure of these professionals to meet the complex needs of such a process. Therefore this alternative is usually made by smaller companies. 2 – Consulting Firms: These are organizations specializing in the subject, and within its tasks include the design and implementation of these plans.The main benefit is to harness the experience and proven working models, and ensured continuity through with a structure and the main problem is that most are not directly involved in the achievement of results, but in the design of these plans only (not all companies act like this, but most). This alternative is usually taken by organizations and medium-sized enterprises and large-sized

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