Special Cot

Particularly unusual children’s beds in car design. Children beds that look like cars are the new racer in the furniture market. egarding this issue. Sure, every little boy will want as a cot. Whether as a race car, SUV or truck, there are the coolest designs. So bring the kids sure easier in the bed. Probably the little ones can wait until bedtime. But also during the day the car kids beds can be used as a playground. Sure a sensible purchase.

The playful designs and still the children make them extremely popular high quality car beds. There are also with side panels, which are designed like a car door. We have the necessary security that the child not falls out. More info: Eva Andersson-Dubin. On some models only the head and foot sections are than car. There are also manufacturers, that reflect the complete shape of a car.

When the purchase but be sure sure that bed TuV tested and stable. You know so how happy children romp around on the bed, choices if it’s a car bed. Good materials and good processing may not be missing so your child can get a good sleep. Despite the great design, the bed should have no sharp edges so that the children can not hurt. Also the paint should consist only of harmless coatings. If all these criteria are met, you can confidently buy their little Darling a car bed. Maybe you buy the bed already slightly larger so that her child out grows so fast and joy it has a couple of years. So, your child goes every evening in the land of dreams, whether with a fire or police car. Ask after the little white determined exactly what he wants.

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