Reverse Speeds

I do not have long years of life and nor I am formed in this or that. More I know that things spread in a well bigger dimension exist of what if it can imagine. If it was provided with as much intelligence as prayer what God gave in them, we saberiamos to explain between as much the things, as we came to stop here, plus this still continues a mystery. If it does not know if they believe a thesis of a religion or if they believe the proper science, that comes back and stocking, does not confuse of what it is justified. But, who I am I stop criticizing. I do not go very beyond any human being, I am providade in equal way to excessively, but I have a curisidade that of it does not leave quiet.

This same, allows as much speech me how much to reflect. Therefore one hour callus, another hour I speak demasiadamente. Already I read very on mythology, astrology, religion. All the type of belief that if can imagine. This is not an article to speak on something, opposes for it, is only for instigates to think it. If we are thousand and living as much time here, because nobody never answers the same questions. Curious. Or you obtain to answer what he is and of where he came, or you simply only know that she exists and still she waits because. Please visit Tony Parker if you seek more information. As much made as it makes, after all, exists much more things between the sky and the hell of we men, can explain.


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