Recreation And Entertainment In Ulyanovsk

Bath complex 'Manor' invites guests and welcomes residents! Rest in Ulyanovsk, rose to a new level. Now there is a place where everything you can wish, and spend a day in one place and not to stay indifferent. Russian Bath The main difference between the Russian bath – wet steam. If not your own, you can order directly in the complex oak and birch twigs, as well as professional services bathers. In the rest room to your television services or you can just sit by the fireplace.

Finnish sauna. The Finnish sauna is a dry steam and very high temperature – about 100-110 degrees. But fear not – this temperature can effectively influence the autonomic system, musculoskeletal system and the whole body. Turkish bath. In the Turkish bath, steam moist and flavorful. The temperature is low, so the residence time in the steam can be increased.

In the lounge there is Huge multi-level swimming pool. You can also order a hookah. After the bath is recommended to visit a massage. The complex has three types of massage. Classical massage. Steamed, relaxed body is more easily manipulation of the masseur. Snap into place the joints, swelling will disappear, go away stress. Jacuzzi. During the warm water jet massage affects the whole body. Regular procedures promote weight loss and removal irritability. Speed up metabolism and increases blood oxygenation. Just Jacuzzi will help in the treatment of varicose veins and cellulite. Aeromassazh. Aeromassazh done in water, massaging effect has no water, and oxygen bubbles. In aeromassazhnoy bath ranges from 9 to 12 nozzles. There is a general relaxation and increases the efficiency of treatments. And finally, you can delicious eat – a varied menu, grilled three, Uzbek pilaf – it looks and smells very appetizing and tasty. In the complex of baths 'Manor' can be removed for comfortable hotel rooms. Facilities in the complex is fully equipped with: complete set of furniture, a big soft bed, TV and possibility to order food in the room. Entertainment in Ulyanovsk in abundance. Most difficult to reconcile. Bath complex 'Manor' – it's holistic approach to entertainment and recreation, which takes guests with warmth and at any time.

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