Recommendations for corporate citizenship in the issue

Programs supporting financial education: giving advice through leaflets or advertising through television commercials on councils to carry adequate personal finance. For example, recommend that people should not borrow more than 30 of their monthly income should not have too many credit cards, should strive to pay above the minimum fee due to increased interest, explain the difference between interest rates and the real cost of credit, etc., so that people take to better their personal finances. To comply with labor rights: for example, meet ESSALUD payment and allowance, as it is ensuring the health of their workers (Madoff company employed thousands of workers). In addition, the household allowance or a similar benefit in the United States if the employee has children.This allows better access to food, health, housing, etc.. Education support programs: through financing facilities for the state to encourage the development of education in the country. Increase lines of credit or establish trusts for educational purposes. Housing support programs: through guarantees on mortgage loans. That is, assume that a commercial bank provides mortgages for groups with medium or low level of buying, so interest rates are high because they represent high risks. What you could do is to endorse those claims Madoff, giving security to pay them, and eventually interest rates of mortgage loans from commercial banks would fall.Thus, the low-income people have greater access to housing.

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