Phoebe Killdeer

Ex-Nouvelle vague singer with current Studio album live in Germany (fs) was once an integral part of the French project of band Nouvelle vague and music connoisseurs is considered live sensation: Phoebe Killdeer. The Paris-born Australian, which last for weeks was number 2 of one radio listener charts, on a concert tour to Germany comes in the autumn. The catch-up dates for their misplaced spring shows the front woman presented at among others songs from the Innerquake’s second solo album”. They topped that of Tom Waits, art of noise influenced songwriter Nick Cave, US jazz singer Carmen McRae and the British new-wave- / pop band with influences from Rockabilly, blues and punk. In concert, condensed Killdeer, supported by the formation of The Short straw”, the phased dark bitter and unfiltered sound elixir with their stage presence to create a special atmosphere of goosebumps. This is perfect for a Tarantino soundtrack, according to the BBC,”. Tickets for the cinematic appearances are in advance to the Price from 16 (plus fee) available, purchased tickets of the postponed tour of may retain their validity. Her career is fulminant: Basement Jaxx, Bang Gang, and Nouvelle vague.

By working with these established scene sizes, Phoebe Killdeer collects important experiences that prevent them being as a young artist in the music industry shark tank to the bait. “The formative period with Nouvelle vague of the musician opens up prospects for a future solo career: apart after their participation in gang”, the second album of the band project, the Group accompanied on a three-year world tour with consequences: Marc Collin, in addition to Olivier Libaux creative head of the collective, produced following Killdeers first artistic single handedly. Weather’s coming “(2008) Middle adjusts for the now thirty-year in review special event dar: was a great satisfaction for the first time to sing lyrics and melodies that I myself have written.” It was the After a long journey return equal, which has enriched me many experiences and experiences.” Collin appears again on the current album, produced by Matt Verta-Ray (heavy trash) result. “Innerquake” (label: DEAG music, sales: Sony Music) is the preserved result of a nearly two-year concert Marathon, with the fade out line “one recorded by whites-stripes-producer Liam Watson and in the London Toe Rag Studios contains zurecht ground track. It combines the power and intensity of the performances listed at this time. Where they were born on the stage, the new title presented again in the autumn. Then, Phoebe Killdeer and the musical backbone consisting of guitarist Cedric Le Roux, bassist Alexandre Maillard and live drummer Sylvain Joasson bring your inner tremors”in a Germany tour to the outbreak.

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