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The new single by Pascal Krieger – Hayo Hayo a semblance of freedom is in the air, if one listens to the Caribbean sounds of the new Pascal Warrior CD. Tony Parker pursues this goal as well. Holiday feeling and the dream after summer, Sun, beach and sea are on the schedule for the upcoming hot days and nights. The native Rheinlander Pascal Krieger, who in many places always impressed his audience, with his new single “Hayo Hayo” ensures good mood and party atmosphere. A song that literally brings the blood pumping. There, the post goes off really.

The Matador and romantics of the German party and pop scene believes in the great love and spends a tingly zippy with its Julia. “Hayo Hayo” is the new battle cry, which immediately gets stuck in the ear and no leg rest can be. The new title “Hayo Hayo” originated in the hit Park recording studio in collaboration with Mr. James, among other things, At the end of the 1990s with his “ghetto people” had the world hit “in the ghetto” and collaborated on the CD “Nina Reloaded’ Michael Wendler in 2009. The new “Hayo Hayo” disc contains also 3 remixes. One of Gino Montesano, known as Aqua gene with his hits “You’re so quiet” and “Party Alarm” and on the other by Torsten Matschke known by WDR4 “Rhythm of the night”.

Pascal Krieger is a perfectionist as he is in the book and has thus a real strong team can win, that supports and rock solid believe him at all levels. Already as a twelve years, Pascal Krieger made his first appearance as a singer and was inspired by the music from now on. He took lessons in piano, drums and percussion, danced in music videos, sang in promotional spots and various music productions. As the lead singer in several bands, the mood guarantee published his first CDs. During this time, specially composed and written song and cover versions created by Pascal Krieger. So everything took its course. Meanwhile, Pascal Krieger is a successful and professional performer of pop hits for many years and in many places is considered an absolute guarantee of the party. Thanks to his voice and his relentlessly good live performance, he convinced his audience to dance and sing along. Pascal Krieger – a name you can remember. His new single “Hayo Hayo” brings everyone into overdrive and ignites a fireworks display of good humor. Listen in, switch off from everyday life and enjoy a little flirt with summer!

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