One Business

Now back to the thesis PERSONAL PROPERTY MANAGEMENT BUSINESS 24 HOURS A DAY! A slight digression: oil painting has observed, when a business owner blew on drift my own business. The examples are taken from life, the names and company names changed. The coincidence of names, names and events in the context of other people by accident 🙂 The first case. 'NEUSPEL! " Two men, Peter and Victor, will be called them in a way agreed to start joint business in paper hygiene products, and so what? Sorry, but a person in a restaurant and something in the toilet after wiping is necessary. So the theme of eternal and necessary. They fold means, hired a manager with the recommendations – and 'go fever'.

Aforesaid manager even invited them into the apartment, was introduced to his family, came to work in the car. equipment and materials purchased rather quickly. Production little by little gone. And, as always, it took some time (well, money) for further promotion. And as the manager showed the amounts received and then let them back into circulation. It took three or four months, as occurred following Story: How One time, on Friday evening passed one of the owners, Victor, by the production and storage facilities, and suddenly decided to peek out of interest. I must say that, according to statements by the manager, the production went clock. Earnings show up, turnover, too. Well, not the company, and the picture – SAMPLE! Victor comes into the office and saw a strange scene: a group of people is a certain nationality and counts some strange big already amount in the currency manager.


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