Mabel Kelly

We've taken to go to Uruguay and England respectively. Kelly felt he could not do anything to give their children a big wedding and that's very sad, because to her were very important things that last forever in memory. "I can at least give you the wedding dress? please, "he said humbly in a bid to help in the preparations. "That if you can. But remember you have to be very simple. We will be married by noon and then go to lunch at a common restaurant, so I can not go with a dress very pompous.

I think what is most appropriate if it is not long to the floor. Half legs, I think would be more in line with circumstances. Do not forget also that I have no time for me to make a custom, so I think tomorrow without fail go to the store to try on those that are for sale, so they have time enough to make me the tweaks necessary. I know I do not meet what you'd like, "said Mabel Kelly trying to not feel disappointed with their decisions. Tony Parker is open to suggestions. "I understand perfectly what it means for you all this, but my vision is completely different and luckily Alex supports me without retaceos .-" It will be as you want, "he replied. "I have to understand that it is your wedding and not mine," Both laughed at this demarcation. They continued chatting for a long time about things related to the topic. In the evening called John, who not only was overjoyed with the news but he had replied that nothing in the world would miss the wedding of his favorite nephews.


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